This glossary contains an alphabetical list of Buddhist terms that you may find on this website. Many of the terms now include phoneticized Sanskrit (Skt) as well as two forms of Tibetan—the phonetic version (Tib), which is a guide to pronunciation, and transliteration using the Wylie method (Wyl). Search for the term you want by entering it in the search box or browse through the listing by clicking on the letters below.

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rabjung (Tib)

pravrajya (Skt); rab byung (Wyl)

An abbreviation of the Tibetan rabtu jungwa, (Wyl: rab tu byung ba), literally "one who goes forth." A preliminary to ordination, when someone takes the five root vows of not killing, not lying, not stealing, not committing sexual misconduct and not becoming intoxicated, and the three renunciate vows of committing to leave behind lay clothes and signs, wear the robes of an ordained person and shave the head, and follow the teachings of the Buddha.