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eleven points of comparison of eight worldly dharmas and holy Dharma

Asanga's eleven-point analysis whereby the advantages of following the mind of attachment to the eight worldly dharmas is compared to following the holy Dharma. They are: worldly pleasure 1) it doesn't satisfy the whole body, the Dharma does; 2) it depends on external conditions, the Dharma doesn't; 3) it doesn't exist in all three realms, the Dharma does; 4) it is not the cause for the seven treasures of the aryas, the Dharma is; 5) its pleasure finishes by enjoying it, the Dharma's never finishes; 6) it can be destroyed by external enemies, the Dharma cannot; 7) It cannot be carried into future lives, the Dharma can; 8) it cannot bring full satisfaction, the Dharma can; 9) it is the cause of suffering, the Dharma generates no suffering; 10) it is merely labeled on a false base, the Dharma isn't; 11) it causes attachment and delusions to arise, the Dharma doesn't.