Stage Four Breast Cancer

Stage Four Breast Cancer

Date Posted:
June 2011

A student with Stage Four breast cancer was about to have an operation, followed by chemotherapy. She was very weak and expected to be bedridden after treatment. The student wanted to change her will and leave most of her assets to Sera Je Food Fund, and she wrote to Rinpoche requesting his advice, prayers and blessings.

Dear Julia,
Here is my advice for you:

  • Recite one mala a day (more if you can) of the Most Secret Hayagriva mantra. Visualize light from Most Secret Hayagriva purifying the four things: negative karma, spirit harm, obstacles, and cancer. Concentrate strongly that all of these are purified, especially the cancer. Also, for part of the time focus on purifying all sentient beings, especially those who have cancer.
  • I have blessed water with many thousands of mantras and you should sip this several times a day. We can send the water to you by courier now. Where is best to send it? What is your postal address?
  • Recite the White Tara prayer Protecting from Old Age, Sickness, and Death three times.
  • If you can, recite the Diamond Cutter Sutra one hundred times. If this is difficult, then recite the Heart Sutra one hundred times.
  • Read and study the five powers at the time of death. This is available from FPMT Foundation Store.

Live life for others. Live life with bodhicitta as much as possible. Take it easy and don’t worry.

With much love and prayer...