Family and Relationships

Family and Relationships

Lama Zopa Rinpoche receives thousands of letters every year from people seeking guidance on a variety of issues. His advice is made available here, so it may be of benefit to others.

In this section of the Online Advice Book, Rinpoche offers guidance on raising children so that their lives become meaningful. He advises parents to be clear about their purpose for having children and emphasizes the importance of teaching children to cultivate the good heart, loving kindness and compassion.

As well as general advice on bringing up children, there is specific advice for students who are pregnant or wanting to conceive, and for those who have terminated a pregnancy.

This section also contains advice on repaying the kindness of our parents by caring for them when they are sick or elderly, and includes practices for family conciliation when there has been disharmony and conflict.

Many students have written to Rinpoche for guidance on relationship problems. Rinpoche advises on marriage and the karma of relationship problems that may lead to separation and divorce. We are reminded that when we find ourselves in a difficult situation, it is important to remember that our past negative karma is the cause for our present situation. Read more about karma here.

Please note: Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave these pieces of advice to specific individuals and the advice should not be taken out of context. Personal safety and self-care are paramount and if you or someone you know is experiencing any form of violence and abuse, please seek help from a suitable service in your region to develop a safety plan. If engagement with teachings or advice on this website brings underlying issues in relation to past abuse to the surface, we recommend that you seek professional support.

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