Precious Pills and Erma for Skin Condition

Precious Pills and Erma for Skin Condition

Date of Advice:
April 2018
Date Posted:
June 2019

Rinpoche gave this advice to a student who had severe blisters and itchy skin.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
You should take two of the Tibetan precious pill rinchen mangjor. Have one pill first and then after two days’ break take the next pill. Take them in the morning.

If you can get erma (a herb from Solu Khumbu—if you know someone at Kopan they can send it to you), put some erma in a cup of hot water before sleeping. Add warm water when you wake up and drink the water after making it hot. Then take the precious pill after that.

When you take the precious pill, don’t expose it to the light, so you open the cloth that is around the pill and pop it in your mouth before it sees the light. Taking erma first helps to open your veins so the precious pill can go through and it becomes more effective.

With much love and prayers ...