Practices for Chronic Fatigue and Other Conditions

Practices for Chronic Fatigue and Other Conditions

Date Posted:
August 2009

A nun had chronic fatigue, auto-immune disease, Sjogren syndrome, drowsiness, and foggy-headedness. Rinpoche sent the following advice.

My very dear one,
I checked regarding your health and this is what came out as very good for you to do:

1) White Umbrella mantra and short prayer.

2) Have fifty Drugchuma pujas done at Sera Mey Monastery. This may be hard for you to organize. If it’s hard, let me know, and I can try to arrange it for you. You will need to make an offering for the pujas.

3) Logyönma pills: take three logyönma pills a day for the first two weeks, then two a day for the next two weeks after that, and then one a day for the last two weeks. If you send me your postal address, I can see if we have them here and send them to you.

4) Take Most Secret Hayagriva initiation and possibly do the retreat.

5) Do eleven malas of Most Secret Hayagriva mantra every day, with meditation. Do this even if you haven’t taken the initiation, but don't visualize yourself as the deity; visualize the deity in front of you.

6) Precious pills: take five Moon Crystal pills in one week and twenty-five rinchen yu nying pills: take three a day for four weeks. Space out taking these and have a few days break between each pill. Do you have a way to get these precious pills? If not I can send them from here.

7) Do the Nölsang Incense Ritual. This is to purify pollution. This is very important for you to do, if possible every day or every week. At this stage, as it’s not translated, if you are able to ask a lama or geshe to do the puja for you to begin with, that is a start. [Note: this puja has now been translated and is available from FPMT.] 

I am also doing prayers for you, and I have asked the Sangha in my house to dedicate animal liberations and the making of long life tsa tsas for you.

With much love and prayers...