Practices for Brain Tumor

Practices for Brain Tumor

Date of Advice:
January 2014
Date Posted:
January 2015

A 31-year-old student wrote that he had a brain tumor. Rinpoche offered this advice.

My very dear one,
Mantra water to drink came out best for you. I will send it to you. You also need to do the following:

  • Liberate seven animals. If you have money, you can liberate goats in Nepal (i.e. bigger animals). If you don't have money then you can liberate insects and you can do many more than seven, or you can do fishing bait and go around holy objects before you liberate them. If you will do this, then please do it according to my book, Liberating Animals. Or I can ask the Sangha at my house to do the animal liberations for you, as they do animal liberation every week. If you would like the Sangha to do it in Aptos then karmically it is good to make a small offering towards the cost of the animals. [See Animal Liberation Fund.]
  • Have four namgyal tse chog pujas done by Osel Labrang [monastic house at Sera Je Monastery, India.]
  • Take five pills from Maratika.

I am also making prayers for you.

With much love and prayers...