Necrotizing Skin Condition

Necrotizing Skin Condition

Date of Advice:
September 2015
Date Posted:
May 2017

A student suffered from a disease which caused his skin to necrotize, with many sores appearing. 

Rinpoche started some pujas immediately for you. This is what was done:

  • Chag-sum
  • Lü-tor   

Rinpoche will now do:

  • Dü-kar (White Umbrella deity): four times
  • Vajra Claws: to be recited four times by Ven Tendar at Kopan Monastery
  • Elimination of obstacles: Rinpoche will do this ten times
  • Protector puja:  Rinpoche and the Sangha in the USA will do this.

You should recite the Heart Sutra four times each day. This is Rinpoche’s advice at this time.