Exhausted by Chronic Fatigue

Exhausted by Chronic Fatigue

Date Posted:
August 2009

A student who was in retreat for one and a half years had become very ill with serious chronic fatigue. She left the retreat feeling exhausted, sick and finding it hard to do anything. Rinpoche sent her this advice.

My very dear one,
It’s important to think that this is past negative karma coming out. It’s very good if you can go to the beach, take long walks and relax.

1. It comes out very, very good for you to recite Entering the Great City of Vaishali, a sutra for pain. You can try to do this.

2. It also comes out very important for you to do the confession prayer from the Thirty-five Buddhas.

3. Read the Diamond Cutter Sutra.

4. There are two pujas that you need: lu zong and ga gön. I will do the lu zong puja, but you need to be present for the ga gön puja.

5. Have a peaceful fire puja done for you.

6. Do the incense puja called nöl sang. This is to purify pollution. This hasn’t yet been translated, but it is very important for you to do it, if possible every week. At this stage, as it’s not translated, if you are able, ask a lama or geshe to do the puja for you to begin with; that is a start.

This is the story regarding the incense puja: There was a Dharma king whose wife had an affair with a servant. She became pregnant and was so scared that when she had the baby she killed it and buried it. After that she got very sick, the king got very sick, and many other people in the region also got sick. The king checked with many oracles what the cause of the sickness was and they said it was caused by pollution, but they didn’t know what the cause was. Then Padmasambhava was asked and said what the cause was, that his wife had killed a baby and buried it, but he said it in a way that the King would not get angry at his wife. Padmasambhava made the king promise that he would not punish his wife.

Padmasambhava explained that the king needed to collect special plants and different roots, then invite all the guests of the puja, the nagas, etc, and in the very early morning go to a mountain and do the incense puja. After this was done everyone was healed. The king recovered, his wife recovered, and also the other people. This puja has incredible power to purify and also heal.

It is difficult to get all the particular herbs needed for this puja, as they are very specific, but you can get them from Nepal. One way is to use sweet-smelling herbs such as sage, juniper, etc.

With much love and prayers ...