Copper Toxicity

Copper Toxicity

Date of Advice:
January 2014
Date Posted:
December 2021

A student had a genetic disorder which had depleted their zinc and vitamin B levels and resulted in copper toxicity. It was triggered by stress and the symptoms could worsen and become completely debilitating, both mentally and physically.

My most dear, most kind, precious, wish-fulfilling one,

I am sorry for the long delay in replying to your email. I checked and this is what came out:

  • Ratna samphel, a Tibetan medicine: Take one in the morning every six days (a total of six pills).
  • Mani rilbus precious pills: Take five every day for five months.
  • Gyab shi and mamo trü kang pujas: three times.
  • Heruka Body Mandala incense puja: Rinpoche did this today for you at Kopan.
  • Vajra Cutter Sutra: Rinpoche will recite this five times for you.

With much love and prayers ...