Advanced Breast Cancer

Advanced Breast Cancer

Date Posted:
June 2011

After five chemotherapy treatments, a student stopped chemo and tried natural therapies, but her condition deteriorated and the cancer spread to other parts of her body. She was now on chemo pills, but her doctor advised that if she did not respond well to this treatment, the average life expectancy was six months to two years. The student wrote to Rinpoche asking for advice.

Dear Laura,
You can do the longlife retreat of Amitayus, reciting the long mantra ten thousand times. If you have the initiation of White Heruka, do some retreat on that, if you can. It need only be short.

Use the blessed water that we are sending you. When you receive the blessed water, sip it several times a day, taking a few tablespoons of water each time. Visualize strongly that the blessed water is purifying all the disease completely! Vajrayogini’s pure nectar is cleansing everything, especially the lump.

I send my love and prayers.