Teachings from Guadalajara: Days 1 - 4 (Audio and Unedited Transcript)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Guadalajara, Mexico, 2008 (Archive #1700)

Days 1-4 of an eight-day series of lam-rim teachings by Lama Zopa Rinpoche in Guadalajara, Mexico, in April, 2008.  You can listen to days 5-8 here.

You can also read an edited version of this series here, and listen online to the public talk that Rinpoche gave prior to this series.

Day 3: How Things Come From the Mind, Part 2

Because they already have so much, so also they spend so much, so then they need more, spend so much then they need more, so that keeps them busy because they spend so much, they come back. So, the nature of life, so, you need more and more, and you spend more and more, then the more you spend, you need more money. So, like that, since the nature of life like that, the following desire, like that. So the, so the whole life, , even you live for a hundred years, of course, when you, sometime you become unhealthy and you can’t do anything, that’s possible. But, however, that life goes on, all the problems, the business or the relationship, like, do not like, there’s so many things there, that maybe is not known by outside people, but so much problems inside. So, it goes on like this, with so much worry, because of that, then so much worry, fear, so much worry, fear, unbelievable, so life goes on like this, until one dies. Then one day [snaps fingers] death just comes, that’s it.

So without Dharma in the life, it’s like that, even wealthy people, more wealthy, sometimes even more attachment, more miserliness, then instead of you become more kind person and more loving, more compassionate, helping people, instead of that, then, you’re even more stingy, you become more wealthy, more stingy, so that, so you can see like that many times.

Of course, a good-hearted person, good-hearted, loving kindness, compassionate, good-hearted person, then more wealthy, you become more beneficial for other people, so many sentient beings you are able to benefit, help for Dharma, for animals, people, anybody who has problems you’re able to help. So that’s unbelievable, that’s very worthwhile to be wealthy.

So, anyway, so I’m just talking about the nature of life. Now I’m losing, now I’m forgetting, I forget , I’ll have to take some pills to remember. [ Inaudible comment from Ven. Paloma.] What? Maybe I take some pills, it come back.

So anyway, what I was saying before. So then my experience, because I met many people from different countries so, as far as wealthy people, so, there are good-hearted, also, I mean there are people, good-hearted people who helping many people, helping many human beings and Dharma, there are, but then there are also who don’t make themselves useful and, more wealthy, then unbelievable problems. So, more wealthy is more stingy, and more worry, fear to lose, not gaining, not getting higher, you want to be more rich than others, you want to make more profit than others, other people’s business, so not happening that, become more rich than others. Then, worry, fear, to lose what you have, so then there’s so much problems with the government, and with the, so many, or tax, or I mean, there’s so many things that you have to worry about, more wealth you have, so like that.

So those, so then depending whether they met Dharma or not, or whether they practice Dharma or not, whether they practice the good heart or not, if they’re not practicing, so unbelievable problems they have.

So that’s right, now I remembered what I said. So yesterday I mentioned at the end, so without Dharma, then, life is only suffering. I didn’t take the pill but just remembered, so anyway...

So anyway, so, without Dharma, life is only suffering, you can’t get any satisfaction. First, the first thing you never get satisfaction. No matter whichever world, even if you go to the moon or you go to live under the ocean or any country, any holiday countries, Tahiti or you go to Goa or Mexico, there must be something in Mexico, don’t remember. I think the second time when I came went to this beach place, not beach. There’s one area in Mexico where famous people come to stay, the singers or the movie actors or the, huh? [Students offer various suggestions.] I heard that many famous people come, many those movie actors, they come to stay there, hotels, it’s near the ocean, huh? [Student: Los ?Scao.] Los ?Scao. That sounds correct, yeah that sounds correct, familiar. So there’s one hotel there, and that has, person, I think person who owned the hotel, one room they do meditation, they have, I think Buddha statues or something, so kind of people can use for meditation, I think, yeah. So, anyway, I think they have one statue of Buddha there, I think, so which is good.

Anyway, so life is only suffering, so I already told you yesterday, the samsaric pleasure how that’s in the nature of suffering, I mentioned yesterday how to meditate, how to analyze. So, samsaric pleasure, it appeared pleasure to your hallucinated mind, but your wisdom, when you look, your wisdom, when you analyze, your wisdom see it’s only in the nature of suffering, so that. Your wisdom sees it’s only suffering, so that, so this. So, if you’re practicing Dharma, renunciation, you have liberation, ultimate happiness, you achieve, you have, make your life so meaningful, you are able to achieve ultimate, the everlasting liberation, total cessation of, no rebirth, no death, all that, all the sufferings between, totally, impossible.

Then, if you’re practicing bodhicitta, you have enlightenment, the highest peerless happiness, complete all the qualities of realization, okay. And then if you practice right view then you don’t have to die, reborn, die, reborn continuously, samsara, because that ceases the root of samsara, the ignorance, then all the, no question, all the delusions, directly, delusion and karma. So you got, you really got, you really got what you really need. It’s like the, you know the ice cream, so it’s like the cream, I mean what, milk, butter, milk, the essence is butter, so whatever makes food ?delicious, so that one.

So it’s just amazing, just amazing, that life met Dharma, even if you don’t know all the philosophy but just know lam-rim, three principal aspects of the path, and you’re practicing that, just, or, even if you receive the teaching and you can practice, you have opportunity to practice, just amazing. So, I’m going to repeat a few times. So that’s, so that life is just unimaginable, what a life, what a best life, so yum yum , that life becomes yum yum .

So, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha mentioned that, who prays, tön pa chom dän dä de zhin sheg pa dra chom pa päl gyäl wa sha kya thub pa la chhag tshäl lo, no, [pause] de zhin sheg pa dra chom pa yang dag par dzog päi sang gyä la chhag tshäl lo, I think it might be that. Anyway, same. So Buddha said, who puts palms together, then de zhin sheg pa dra chom pa yang dag par dzog päi sang gyä la chhag tshäl lo, or tön pa chom dän dä de zhin sheg pa dra chom pa päl gyäl wa sha kya thub pa la chhag tshäl lo, anyway basically the same, so, who puts palms together, who prays, who recites this, he said, I don’t have much worry for these people, for, who recite this, so you can say la ma tön pa chom dän dä de zhin sheg pa dra chom pa päl gyäl wa sha kya thub pa la chhag tshäl lo, so can say that, so who recites this, and puts palms together, recites this, I don’t have much worry. It means, I don’t have much worry for them. It means, just by reciting name, by hearing the name, just even reciting the name, putting palms together, reciting the name, so Buddha said that I don’t have much worry for them. I will guide them; I will, I don’t have much worry for them, I will guide them, Buddha said that.

So, there’s one text, it’s from the Kangyur, the hundred volumes of Buddha’s teachings, I think, probably it comes from the, benefits of stupa, benefit of building stupas, it’s called the Kangbu Tsekpa, kangbu is house; tsekpa is piled, Kangbu Tsekpa. So I think in that text, so then there were some words which I don’t understand so I asked Kyabje Chöden Rinpoche, who is a great master, a great scholar and whose holy mind is always in Dharma, all the time, not one second break, always in Dharma, that’s what comment I make by seeing Rinpoche from beginning. So, anyway, who is a very highly attained, even externally, so very highly attained tantric path, who attained tantric path, the Secret Mantra.

So, anyway, so I went to ask Rinpoche some of the words there, so Rinpoche said, Rinpoche went over, when this word came out, when the Buddha, he will guide, anybody who prays la ma tön pa chom dän dä de zhin sheg pa dra chom pa päl gyäl wa sha kya thub pa la chhag tshäl lo, put the palms together, so then Buddha said, I promise to work for them, I will guide them. So, Rinpoche, he precisely paid attention to that.

So, anyway, so we should realize we’re in that, we’re in that, you see. So every time we recite la ma tön pa chom dän dä…., that’s unbelievable, unbelievable, most unbelievable fortunate to be able to, happy to recite that, with a happy mind. Anyway, putting palms together. So, even just by this, you get quickly liberated from samsara. Why Buddha said, I don’t have worry, it’s because even that prayer, reciting, causes that to sooner or later, you get liberated from samsara, also suffering and causes, and to achieve enlightenment. So that’s why Buddha is saying that he doesn’t have much worry for those sentient beings who recite this. So then Buddha said, I will guide them. So we are under the guidance of Buddha, even just from that, without talking other practices, so just even from that, okay? So, most unbelievable, we’re most unbelievable fortunate compared to other sentient beings.

So, sorry. So I’m going to mention another time the benefits of reciting la ma tön pa chom dän dä de… and TADYA THA OM MUNÉ MUNÉ…. It’s very, it’s extremely, very, very important to know, that’s unbelievably important, so benefits. Maybe we’ll do Guru Shakyamuni Buddha meditation, okay?

So, now maybe I just finish this one, then we go back, one step go back. So, anyway, so now, what I’m going to say is this, so if you did a lot of negative karma with parents, in the past, so it’s very important to purify, those get purified, it’s very important, if you have done anything, because very heavy negative karma, so must, and then, from now on, must, by knowing, remembering the teachings, must respect them, must be kind to them, respect them, whatever service one can offer, respect with words, and actions, always think of their kindness, it’s very, very important.

So, taking care of parents, serving them, is regarded very powerful, incredibly powerful good karma. So, when they’re sick, taking care of those, the, very important explained by Buddha. Such a small matter, small service, small help, helps you, result happiness, starts this life, and you enjoy for so many unbelievable lifetimes.

So anyway, after that, then more powerful being is the ordained Sanghas, so, they are more powerful than, because they are living in the vows, more powerful than the parents. Now the numberless Sanghas and one bodhisattva, numberless Sanghas who are not bodhisattvas, and then now, one bodhisattva, whether it’s lay, whether it’s an ordained person, whatever, it can be from, some bodhisattvas manifest as animals, anyway, one bodhisattva, now numberless Sangha and one bodhisattva, Sangha means who don’t have bodhicitta, okay, including arhats, who are free from all the delusion and karma, all the sufferings of samsara, numberless arhats, then one bodhisattva, now the bodhisattva is the most powerful than all the numberless arhats, all those Sanghas, okay?

So now, so now you understand this, now you should understand this, very important. It is said in the sutra teachings that if you look at sentient beings, if you took the eyeballs of the samsaric beings in the desire realm, form realm, and formless, each realm there are numberless, so you took out all their eyeballs, that negative karma and then looking at a bodhisattva like this [Rinpoche demonstrates] like that, with the, not peering, how do you say? You’re looking like this [demonstrates] like when you get angry to somebody, what you call that one? [Student: Scold?] Scold? Scold is with words. Eyes? With the eyes? Not with words, I’m talking with the eyes. Looking like this when you get angry to somebody or? [Student: Scowling.] Scowling. Scow-ling, scow-ling. So, when you look at bodhisattvas, one bodhisattva, scowling, with the looking with white/wide eyes or like how you do when you’re jealous to somebody or angry, so, now this karma is much heavier to one bodhisattva, even disrespectful with the eyes, with the, anyway with the unpleasant mind, not favorable, so, negative karma is heavier than took eyes, eyeballs, took the eyeballs of the all the desire realm, form realm, and formless realm beings, all those samsaric beings, okay, negative karma is heavier. Now, you put the eyeballs back, now you put the eyeballs back in all the desire realm, form realm, and formless realm, eyes, so that, everybody can see, so that, it’s unimaginable, I mean that they can see, but you compared, that’s unbelievable merit, unbelievable merit, the numberless samsaric beings, but then now you compare to one bodhisattva with the faithful, with the calm mind, peaceful mind, you look at, with a calm mind, that kind of eyes, looking at a bodhisattva, so this one collects more merit than putting the eyeballs back into all the three, desire realm, form realm, formless realm.

So now I will finish, so, like that, so this is due to the power of bodhicitta, completely let go I, only the thought bodhicitta, cherishing only other sentient beings, who are numberless, others who are numberless, okay, and seeking happiness for them, only that, seeking happiness only for sentient beings. So this is incredible, unbelievable, total change, so, can you imagine that, can you imagine that development of the heart. You cherish numberless, before just one, I, just one sentient being, you. But here, now, now the next, numberless, everybody cherish, and seek happiness for them, which is unbelievable. What best life, what best life, other than this. Even if you’re not an enlightened being, just a bodhisattva, it’s amazing, incredible, it’s jewel, it’s amazing. So, taking care, the numberless sentient beings like yourself, it’s unbelievable, cherishing the most. So, anyway, then bring them to, not only just, not only giving, not only causing happiness of this life, food and shelter, medicine, money, but bringing them to, causing happiness in all the future lives, and bringing them in full, free them from all the oceans of suffering of samsara and the cause, bring them to, the ultimate, everlasting happiness, then to bring to enlightenment, the bodhisattva’s work to every sentient being, okay. So it’s not happiness, it’s not just only this life happiness causing them, not just that, in a short time.

So now, after, so therefore, it’s very important, so by understanding this, then we know why we have to be careful, when we are with people, you never know who is a bodhisattva or who is not bodhisattva, you cannot tell their mind, who is buddha, who is not buddha, you can’t tell, you don’t see. So therefore, it becomes very, very, so important it becomes, you pay, you have to be so careful with regards to harming others, so in case they are buddha or bodhisattva. So the, getting angry to a bodhisattva, how many seconds you get angry to a bodhisattva then that many eons, then you get reborn in the lower realms, and experience heavy suffering. So therefore, we cannot tell who is a bodhisattva or who is not bodhisattva when we are with other people. So, anyway, difficult to judge, because we don’t have karma to see buddha, and those holy beings, so kind of so obscured, so therefore, it’s difficult to tell. So now numberless bodhisattvas, or one buddha. One buddha is the most powerful than numberless bodhisattvas. So now here, in this case, even we have to be much more careful in this, with regards to not creating negative karma, heavy negative karma. Even a small criticize or a small, then, unbelievable, much heavier negative karma than getting angry to all the numberless bodhisattvas.

So, anyway, and then a small offering, a small respect, to buddha, actually living buddha or even a statue, same, benefit is same, so then, greater benefit than having made offering to numberless bodhisattvas. Itself is unbelievable but you compare to buddha, having made offering to buddha, even a statue of buddha, it’s inconceivable, much more powerful merit you collect than having made offerings to numberless bodhisattvas. Now then, only then comes the guru. The minute in your life, the second when yourself is disciple, that is the guru, with this recognition, then you received Dharma teachings, even a few mantras, even a few syllables oral transmission of a teaching, one stanza or a few stanzas of teachings, or mantra, a few syllables of mantra, oral transmission or however, Dharma connection is done. So, once that is done, then that person becomes most powerful person in your life, more powerful than numberless buddhas.

So therefore, a small disrespect or small criticism, whatever, a small harm, then becomes the most heavy, most heavy negative karma than done to all the buddhas. Now, a small offering, small respect, small praise, whatever is done, small service, whatever is done, it becomes the most powerful, good karma, than having done those service, praise, those service or offering to all the buddhas, to numberless buddhas.

So, so that is, so, it’s a dependent arising. Why the fire is hot, can burn, why the water is cold, why the water is cold or, I’m not saying that all the water is cold, so why the wind blows things, it’s their nature, each one it’s their, dependent arising, their nature, cause, conditions, exists depending on cause and conditions. So why fire burns, so each phenomena has its own nature, so, like that, so it’s dependent arising, the minute when you made the connection, even though a few mantras, a few syllables of mantra, oral transmission received or the few, one or two, a few stanzas of teachings received, so however, with this thought, one is disciple, this is guru, with that recognition, then received even a few words of teachings, then Dharma connection is done. So there’s, so whoever is that, whoever you do that, oh, that person becomes the most powerful one in one’s own life, so it’s a dependent arising, how that came into existence is dependent arising, so like that.

So what I was saying before. So I don’t remember again from where I came. So anyway, originally what I wanted to say, how things came from, how phenomena created by your mind, came from your mind. So, first, I’m trying to tell you that, the immediate one, form, sound, smell, taste, tangible object, whatever you see, whatever you contact this time, how this is a creation of your present, your present mind, came from that. So I mentioned the two disciples, one gave label, one put label, positive label, made so happy, it made himself so happy, so he got so much merit, unbelievable, oh, that, talk started from that, that’s right. Unbelievable merit, he’s so happy, he appreciated his guru, oh unbelievable. The other one, put negative label, he put a negative label on that, made so upset, angry, then, unbelievable heavy negative karma collected, so my talk started from that one, this last part, okay. So I’ll stop there.

One example I gave then, then you can meditate or you can find many things in your life, always like this, so depending on what label you put, when you put a positive label, then it makes you happy. When you put a negative label, it disturbs, you put a negative label, then it upsets you.

So, in the reality, there’s nothing there to upset you, but your mind made upset you, so your mind makes you happy, your mind makes, so, like that, okay? So, therefore, the best psychology is to keep your mind, to keep your life always happy, and then, always, even if there is a problem, even if, no matter how much difficulties one has in the life, by thinking of their benefits, all the problems have benefit, so, by thinking of the benefit, then you put a positive label, good, then that makes you happy. So this way you can keep 24 hours your mind in happiness, so this is the best psychology or the also meditation, okay?

Due to all the three time merits collected by me and the three time merits collected by others, may the bodhicitta be actualized within one’s heart, in the hearts of all the family members, and in the hearts of all sentient beings, okay, in the hearts of all sentient beings, then especially the leaders of this world, and in the hearts of all the different religious people’s minds, bodhicitta to be actualized in all the religious people’s hearts, and in all the leaders of this world, okay? So please pray. [long pause]

Jang chhub sem chhog rin po chhe….

Due to all the three time merits collected by oneself, and the three time merits collected by others, may I achieve Lama Tsongkhapa’s enlightenment and lead all the sentient beings to that enlightenment by myself alone. Then, thinking all those are merely imputed by mind.

So, gracias.

[Students offer Rinpoche a short mandala offering.]