Teachings from the Mani Retreat

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Eudlo, Australia, 2000 (Archive #1261)

"Because we have met the Buddhadharma, and especially this method—the practice of the Compassion Buddha and recitation of his mantra—it is easy to purify negative karma and collect extensive merit and thus achieve enlightenment. We are unbelievable fortunate." 
      — Lama Zopa Rinpoche, from his invitation to join the retreat.

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Appendix 1: Prayer for Spontaneous Bliss

Respectfully I prostrate to the mighty protector, Maitreya,
Who pervades the world with clouds of love and compassion
From the space of Dharmakaya, which spontaneously completes great bliss,
And who rains down deeds in a continuous shower.

From your wisdom manifestation that sees, just as they are,
The minds and natural elements of countless disciples,
By the power of faith, please come down here in all places unimpeded,
Like the reflected image of the moon in water.

Like jeweled inlay work of many kinds of precious gemstones
Set into a Mt. Sumeru of piled exquisite refined gold,
Your supreme form, which when seen leaves one unsatisfied,
I request to remain firmly for as long as cyclic existence lasts.

You, protector, hold closely with your compassionate hands
All sentient beings who have provided the requirements
For constructing a statue of affectionate love [Maitreya], and
Please lead them definitely to the land of Tushita.

Inseparable from your face, amrita for their eyes,
Nurtured by your speech, the Mahayana scriptures,
And having perfected all the bodhisattva’s practices,
Please bestow your blessings for them to quickly attain buddhahood.

In the meantime, may all wishes be fulfilled;
May all sentient beings have a loving attitude;
May the teachings of the Buddha spread and extend in all directions;
And may all sentient beings enjoy wonderful well being.

May this place be filled by an assembly of ordained monks and nuns
Clad in saffron robes and upholding the three trainings, and
May deeds of explanation and practice bring good fortune of extending
The Buddha’s teachings everywhere for as long as cyclic existence lasts.

By the truth of the infallible three precious jewels,
The blessings of the power of Buddha Maitreya,
And the enlightened deeds of the mighty Dharma protectors,
May the complete essence of this pure prayer be fulfilled.

This aspiration prayer of truthful words for achieving excellence was composed at Chökhor Gyäl Monastery by His Holiness Gendun Gyatso [the Second Dalai Lama], a monk who expounds the Dharma, at the request of the great woman leader, Nyima Päl, an incarnation of Bishwakarma [the legendary King of Artistry who designed the main temple in central Lhasa]. Translated by Geshe Lhundup Sopa for members of the Maitreya Project, Singapore, February 1998. Revised edition, FPMT Education Department, June 1999.