The Real Retreat

The Real Retreat

Date of Advice:
January 2015
Date Posted:
February 2018

This advice about keeping the mind in retreat was given to an old student.

My very dear one,
It is most, most, most important, as you know, to meditate on the usefulness of the perfect human rebirth. You must think this through carefully, again and again.

As Pabongka Rinpoche mentioned, there are the three great meanings. We have a very special human rebirth this time, so we have unbelievable potential to achieve enlightenment even in one lifetime. Also we have the three substances received from the mother and the three substances received from the father.

Our life can finish at any moment. It can finish in this moment or the next moment, therefore we must meditate on impermanence and death.

Even if we try to practice Dharma, most of the time we create negative karma, which will result in rebirth in the lower realms. We need to meditate now.

I cannot give you more advice on your work and finance. You need to think about these things carefully, and it’s something you have to be responsible for.

I can give you advice for the practices which I already explained above, but I checked again and what comes out best for you is to live in retreat. You have to understand that the real retreat is not being in a cave in a remote place. The real retreat is keeping the mind in the right place, taking care of the mind. The mind has to be in retreat, not the body. You have to understand this; maybe you are forgetting this.

Love and prayer ...