Need for Harmony in Retreat

Need for Harmony in Retreat

Date Posted:
November 2009

Rinpoche gave the following messages at the beginning of and during a retreat.

[At the beginning of the retreat]

Controlling anger is the most important thing, more important than recitation of anything good, which you believe in. Without anger there is no bad karma, no interference to your happiness, and nothing to be purified.

OK. Be wise.

[During the retreat]

I am terribly upset with those people who are not concerned to keep the harmony. That’s very bad. It is extremely important to not get mixed up with the broken samaya brothers who do not feel comfortable with each other. Why do vajra brothers create broken samaya?

For all students to be harmonious is the most important cause for Lama’s quick return to guide us and all others. Even to not come in the evening time is very bad. More than this I cannot say, otherwise I cannot do retreat; it will be like a volcano breaking into atoms. Of course, someone cannot come if he has to do something at that time. Fighting each other right in front of Lama’s relic bones, only that is left for us to see.

So, many thanks to those who always come, not caring whoever leads the prayer, but holding the meaning or the practice in the mind. After each session, I dedicate the merits to them.