Motivation for Vajrasattva Recitations

Motivation for Vajrasattva Recitations

Date of Advice:
December 2017
Date Posted:
March 2021

Rinpoche advised a student to recite one million Vajrasattva mantras and then sent this message.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
Regarding the one million Vajrasattva mantras, I want to tell you, maybe the number sounds like a lot, but actually it is nothing. You should know it’s not for you; it is for the numberless hell beings, numberless hungry ghosts and numberless animals who are suffering right now, who are experiencing unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable suffering. It’s also for the numberless human beings, numberless sura beings, numberless asura beings and numberless intermediate state beings.

There are numberless beings in each realm with unbelievable suffering, under karma and delusion, so please recite the mantras for them, to free them from the oceans of samsara sufferings by actualizing the path, and not only that, but also for them to achieve buddhahood, the peerless happiness, the total cessation of all the obscurations and completion of all the realizations. Please recite every single mantra for that, which includes for this world—to pacify all the problems, all the sufferings of this world.

You need to think of the suffering of even one being, such as a hell being or a hungry ghost, who has amazing, amazing suffering. Forget about that, there are actually numberless of each one. So, like that, you really need to do this for them.

I am begging this from you, to do this for them. Then this is the happiest life. What else is there to do than to help the sentient beings, to free them from suffering and bring them to enlightenment? OK. Thank you very much.

With much love and prayers ...