Impatient and Upset at the Teachings

Impatient and Upset at the Teachings

Date of Advice:
February 2018
Date Posted:
July 2019

A student confessed becoming impatient and upset while attending one of Rinpoche’s teachings. Rinpoche advised how to purify any negative karma collected.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Kopan Monastery, Nepal, December 2015. Photo: Bill Kane.

My most dear, most precious, most kind, wish-fulfilling one,
Thank you very much your kind letter. I am sure you expressed your difficulties and I am sure there are many people unable to express that. So whatever happened, by expressing it to the guru, that itself becomes purification. It is not hidden, so that purifies and the negative karma becomes lighter.

What happened? Was it because you wanted the teachings to finish very fast? What happened? What was it? Can you explain to me? I would really appreciate that, then I can explain more.

However, if you read Practicing Guru Devotion with the Nine Attitudes that will help. Also, do the practice of Samayavajra one day and then the next day do Vajrasattva practice, so alternate like that. If you are able to do Lama Chöpa, then in the confession section you can do Vajrasattva one day and Samayavajra the next day. But if you don’t do Lama Chöpa then just do these practices, a different each one each day.

Vajrasattva not only purifies the negative karma collected in respect to the guru but also general negative karma, and what is collected that day gets purified even by reciting the long mantra 21 times and the short mantra, OM VAJRASATTVA HUM, 28 times. Then whatever negative karma is collected that day gets purified, and not only that, past negative karmas are also purified. The other great advantage is that the negative karma doesn’t become double the next day. If you don’t purify that day before finishing the day it becomes double the next day, then triple the third day and it increases like that.

Without Vajrasattva, by multiplying day-by-day, even a small negative karma becomes like the size of a mountain at the time of death. It becomes unbelievably heavy negative karma and the result is that you have to be reborn in the lower realms—this is the ripened aspect result—and you have to suffer there for eons and eons and eons. For eons you aren’t even born in a place where you can hear human voices; it’s such unbelievable, unbelievable, most unbelievable suffering.

It is said in the teachings: For foolish ones even if the negative karma is small it becomes heavy, but for learned ones even if the negative karma is heavy they can make it small.

“Learned ones” means they know Vajrasattva. So this brings the realization that we have incredible freedom in our life, in our hands, and even if heavy negative karma is collected we can purify it so we don’t experience the result or the resultant suffering is small.

With much love and prayers ...