Confession of Anger and Worry About Cognitive Decline

Confession of Anger and Worry About Cognitive Decline

Date of Advice:
February 2018
Date Posted:
July 2021

A student confessed that they had become angry toward Rinpoche after having taken initiations from him. The student was also worried about their declining memory and mental faculties.


My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,

I am sorry for the many eons of delay it took to reply to your email.

You need to do Vajrasattva practice and to particularly focus on purifying the negative karma collected with the guru, so that is purified. Every day do Vajrasattva mantra: one mala, half a mala or twenty-one times.

Regarding losing your faculties, if you can, recite Chanting the Names of Manjushri. That will help. Visualize orange beams emitted from Manjushri, like sunbeams totally filling your body, purifying all the defilements, which are in the form of darkness or dirt or liquid. Think you are totally filled with wisdom light and have achieved unforgetfulness [recovered your memory].

Make strong prayers to Manjushri for that to not happen. Make strong request.

With much love and prayers ...