Kopan Course No. 36 (2003)

Kopan Monastery, Nepal (Archive #1441)

These teachings were given by Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche at the 36th Kopan Meditation Course, held at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, in 2003. The transcripts are lightly edited by Gordon McDougall.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche teaching at the 12th Meditation Course at Kopan Monastery, Nepal, 1979. Photo: Ina Van Delden.
Kopan Course No. 36 Index Page

The Index Page provides an outline of the topics discussed in each of the lectures.

Lecture 1
  • Motivation: Dedicating for all sentient beings
  • The story of the four harmonious brothers
  • Non-harm means peace for ourselves and others
  • Kindness is the cause of a beautiful body
  • Eight Mahayana precepts: Rinpoche adds “in order to benefit and liberate”
  • Eight Mahayana precepts: Rinpoche adds “to not have war”
  • The need for compassion in the world
  • Meditation on universal responsibility
Lecture 2
  • The Golden Light Sutra and the Arya Sanghata Sutra
  • Dedication: Great compassion is the most important thing
Lecture 3
  • Everything comes from the mind
  • The enemy comes from the mind
  • The kindness of the enemy
  • The two mistakes of not practicing patience
  • The enemy is created by the mind
  • Knowledge without compassion is useless
  • Golden Light Sutra: Oral transmission
  • Dedication
Lecture 4
  • How happy we are depends on our level of motivation
  • Suffering: Pervasive compounding suffering
  • Suffering: Dissatisfaction is the result of desire
  • When the karma runs out
  • The disadvantages of desire: Desire feeds desire
Lecture 5
  • The wish to harm the enemy, desire
  • Renunciation is the path to liberation
  • Suffering: Pervasive compounding suffering
  • Renunciation is freedom
  • The need to cut the root of samsara, ignorance
  • The three scopes
  • The need to practice all three scopes
  • Dedication
Lecture 6
  • Refuge: The useful fear of death
  • Refuge: The fear of suffering
  • Refuge: The doctor, the medicine and the nurse
  • Refuge prayer: We should recite it for all sentient beings
  • Refuge prayer: The merit of generating bodhicitta
Lecture 7
  • How to listen to Dharma
  • Golden Light Sutra: Oral transmission
  • The yoga of eating food
  • The yoga of eating food: The Hinayana and the Mahayana way of offering
  • Dedication