Healing Course (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Melbourne, Australia, 1991 (Archive #874)

The first part of a series of teachings given by Lama Zopa Rinpoche at Tara Institute in Melbourne, Australia in August 1991. This series formed the basis for the book Ultimate Healing, published by Wisdom Publications.

The second part of the series can be accessed here.

Method and Wisdom; Omniscient Mind

So now the point to think is, to concentrate is this. So if, even when we have very small compassion towards some, to somebody, we wish that being to be free from problems and we help that being. So now, if we completed the mind training in compassion, in great compassion, for every being, for every suffering living being, so then no question, definitely what you would do, definitely we're going to do something to all those beings whom we feel great compassion. Definitely there's no question. So that's no doubt, by figuring out from our day-to-day life example, our own experience, there's small compassion to somebody. So now if you have completed the mind training in compassion to everyone, to every suffering being whose mind is obscured of course, one would, without doubt, without question one would, there's no doubt that one would definitely do something for them. So, there is somebody whose mind is completed training in the compassion, finished training, no more, nothing more to develop, nothing more compassion to be developed for other beings. So that is fully enlightened being, one who has completed the mind training in compassion for all beings, that is what's called fully enlightened being. So when that happens then one become fully enlightened.

So, that time, because of the compassion, developing compassion that makes to accumulate so much merit, the positive imprint, positive action, so much merit. The compassion covers more and more sentient beings and more one, more the thought, more the compassion become stronger that takes the responsibility, "I will free them from the sufferings". So more this compassion get developed, one accumulate more and more and more merit, the positive imprint, actions. And one does this, and then one dedicate one's life for that many sentient beings. However, then as one generate compassion for everyone, one live the life, one dedicate the life for every sentient being, for every sentient being one dedicate one's life. One live the life only for them, only to obtain happiness for them. To free them from the problems, causes. So continuously one accumulates infinite merit, cause of success or cause of happiness, infinite merit like sky, like infinite sky.

So then, this makes to realize, this also helps to realize, to actualize wisdom, wisdom seeing the ultimate nature of the I, mind, so forth. Ultimate nature of things, the real nature of things, including I. So, and then compassion makes to complete, to fully develop, to continue and to fully develop this wisdom. So by developing this wisdom realizing ultimate nature, this is the one that what directly, what makes, what ceases, what directly affects, purifies the mind. This wisdom realizing the ultimate nature of the I, the absolute truth of the I. And the ultimate nature of the mind and so forth. So this wisdom is the one, and developing this wisdom is the one gradually this mind which is temporarily covered, temporarily obscured. So this wisdom gradually it makes thinner and thinner and thinner, ceases or removes the obscurations, the disturbing-thought obscurations, the temporary mistakes of the mind, the obscurations. So become thinner, thinner, thinner, less and less, less, less. So this wisdom makes it to completely, the mind completely pure, completely, continuation of consciousness is completely pure without having any, like completely clear sky, no fog, no cover, no obscuration, no fogginess, no cloud, nothing. Completely clear blue sky with sunshine. So like that, this wisdom is the one that which directly affects the mind, makes the mind pure, liberates from all these obscurations, the cause of the problems, the suffering, the disturbing thoughts, ignorance, anger, attachment, ignorance and the dissatisfied mind attachment, then anger, all these things. Then the seed of the disturbing thoughts, mind not knowing, the wrong, the hallucinated mind or the wrong conception that which does, that which is ignorant in the, not understanding the ultimate nature of the I, mind, so forth. This disturbing thought, this seed left by these disturbing thoughts, then even the imprint, very subtle mistakes, very subtle obscurations, even the imprint left by this ignorance, this hallucinated mind, this wrong concept, that which look at I, mind, so forth in hallucination, which look at, which apprehend these phenomena, then all the phenomena in the wrong way, which perceives in the wrong way. Not correct way, not according to reality but in the wrong way, false way. So, all this, even down to the very subtle obscuration, even the imprint, completely get purified by the wisdom.

So this consciousness, this mind, which is completely free from gross and subtle obscurations, so that one then that time then, when our mind, that time then, through development of the wisdom and compassion then when our mind happens, completely free from all the gross and subtle obscurations, then our mind become omniscient mind that time. That time then our mind become omniscient mind. Because there's no obstacle, so at that time no obscuration, no blockage, there's nothing which blocks the mind to see things. Therefore, the consciousness, the mind become fully knowing, able to see all the past, able to see all the present existence, able to see all the future and able to read every sentient being's mind, able to see them and able to see everyone, every single method to bring them in happiness, that it fits to them, then, even to lead to the highest happiness, full enlightenment. So, so that fully knowing mind.

So with, not just this, with this then there's perfect power. For example, now, at the moment even for the disease, whether we are, even to really know whether one is completely healthy or whether one has disease, whether one has completely recovered, even to know one's own health we have to rely upon, we have to depend upon doctor, to depend on other people who have more knowledge to explain to us, to check through blood and through machines, we have to rely upon machines to understand our health. We cannot, even that we cannot see ourself clearly, we cannot tell, cannot see. So however, like this, same, we cannot see clearly other beings, [pause] without their explaining to you, that you can see very clearly all their problems and causes and all the solutions that can fit to them, difficult to see. There's so much limitation in the knowledge, the understanding. Even this, even in the medical treatment, even just in that area, so anyway, so even that area, even one small area, even to understanding in one area there's so much limitation and also there is limitation in the method to help.

However, and cannot see the, cannot tell exactly life after this, cannot tell exactly what, about next year, even next month, week, even tomorrow. So there's much limitation in the knowledge to see the future.

However, so while we're here in this meditation room, we cannot be at the same time in the house, at the home, while we're here we cannot be at the same time there at home or in the family. Or while we're here we cannot be at other places where we, people where, where there are people whom we want to help. We cannot be there at the same time because there's blockage, because there's limitation in our power, because of this obscuration, the obscuration in our mental continuum, so because of that there's so much limitation in our power of the body, speech, mind, action of the body, speech, mind there's so much limitation. While we're doing meditation here we cannot be at the same time those places, different places in the world, where there are people whom we want to help. Where there are people with whom we want to be together or to help others. So, there's blockage, limitation, that you cannot be everywhere. That oneself cannot be everywhere.

So, this time when one's own mental continuum become, when one's mind become completely free from all the gross, subtle obscurations then there's no blockage. There's no blockage, there's no limitation in the power, there's no resistance, there's no obstacle.

So wherever the mind, whatever the mind thinks, whatever object, whatever the mind thinks, the mind is there. Mind is there. There's no resistance so the, gross, subtle obscurations are purified so there's no blockage, so the mind is able to pervade. The mind, consciousness, is able to pervade, able to embrace, able to pervade everywhere. On all the existence, the consciousness is able to pervade. Not only able to see all the past, present, future, not only able to see all these things, but the consciousness able to pervade everywhere. So, that is ultimate freedom, the highest freedom.

So then the consciousness manifest for the living beings, for animals, human beings, all the different planets, the different worlds, so for everyone, then since consciousness pervade everything, covers everything, is everywhere, so, this fully enlightened mind covers all the existence. So, whenever the other beings, the positive imprint, whenever other beings good karma, the positive is ripened, the positive imprint, like sprout coming from the seed, ripened, then the consciousness immediately manifest in the form and in the form whatever suits, pure or impure form, whatever suits according to the level of characteristic of, if the other living being has pure mind it manifest pure form. If other living being's mind is impure then manifest impure form, mistaken form, then guide.

So like this, so whenever there are other beings, other living beings, the positive imprint is ripened then immediately it manifest, so without delay even one second they help, whenever it become ready they help without delay even one second, immediately. As omniscient mind sees all the time, so without delay even one second it manifest and guide sentient beings. Like this.

So for example, as long as there's no cover on the water, water dew or river, water spring, as long as there's no cover then when the sun rises, the one sun when it rises it reflects in every water drop, in every stream, water pond, everywhere. As long as it doesn't have cover, it reflects everywhere. So naturally, so like that, naturally, since all the obscurations are, gross, subtle obscurations are eliminated, purified completely, then the omniscient, the consciousness or this omniscient mind, it pervades all the existence, so this immediately manifest according to living beings the imprint, positive imprint from past actions. So whenever this ripens, then immediately, without delay even a second then it manifest and then with the holy body, holy speech, holy mind then guide the sentient beings, like this, then from happiness to happiness, then to full enlightenment, peerless happiness.

So now, so the perfect power, also one has omniscient mind, perfect power, that time when our mind become omniscient mind, that time we have perfect power and so what makes, so as I mentioned before, what makes to complete, what makes the understanding to be completed and to have perfect power is by the compassion. Compassion drove, compassion thought, compassion urged, compassion caused to develop the mind. Compassion for others. So this time then there's the compassion is completed, nothing more to develop for all sentient beings.

So now, now this deity that we're going to practice for healing, this particular aspect, this female aspect, the female, this Logyönma wearing leaf, leaf and skirt, leaf. Now same way, similar way, why there's, why, same thing, why this manifestation happened such a, wearing leaf, leaf and skirt, leaf, the tree leaf dress, such aspect, wrathful and, such aspect, in the hand, color and holding implements in the hand. So this omniscient mind, this fully enlightened mind, this omniscient mind which covers all the existence, now this, that which has perfect power and complete compassion for all beings, now this one, this omniscient mind, because of the compassion then this omniscient mind manifested particularly to stop the epidemic disease or contagious disease, epidemic disease especially to prevent disease then manifested this particular form, female aspect, wrathful aspect...

[tape change]

...that which is the, this full enlightenment, this omniscient mind which covers all the existence, now this that which has perfect power and complete compassion for all beings. Now this one, the omniscient mind, because of the compassion, this omniscient mind manifested particularly to stop the epidemic disease, or contagious disease, especially for to prevent disease then manifested this particular form, female aspect, wrathful, wrathful aspect, not wrathful to the sentient, is not showing wrath to the living beings, but is showing wrath to the mind that which creates the problems. To our mind which creates the problems, the ego, the self-cherishing, the hallucinated mind that which projects, hallucinated mind the ignorance which views I, which views the self in the wrong way, completely in the hallucination way. Which views body and mind, form, sound, smell, all the external objects, all the inner object, all the external objects, which views in completely wrong way, false way. So this, the ego, the self-cherishing thought which brought all this, which brings all this problems, then the hallucinated mind, this ignorance that which looks at everything in the wrong way, perceives everything in the wrong way, which looks at everything in the wrong way. So then, then because of that then that being, that being like the earth, ground, basis then all other problems, the dissatisfied mind desire and the anger, so forth, all those other arises.

So showing wrath is for these mind that which creates the problems, which is the real enemy. The, that which is living within us, within our mind. So in order to eliminate this our inner enemy, these wrong conceptions so then manifest in wrath, wrathful aspect. So it has purpose.

So this is introduction of the deity, introduction of the Buddha, this is female aspect Buddha, so it is not male I'm joking anyway. So the meditation of Buddha that which we are going to do, recite the mantra or visualize is Logyönma. "Logyönma" means wearing leaves, the person wearing the skirt. So all those has, implements all those have signification, significance. So maybe stop here. Yeah, then maybe next one we can do mantra.

Jang chub sem chog rinpoche...

Due to these positive actions, and the imprint, left by, created by me, may I achieve the full enlightenment, the peerless happiness, and bring everyone to this state of full enlightenment, the peerless happiness.

Thank you very much. Thank you.