The Kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore. (Archive #1757)

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave this Dharma talk prior to a refuge ceremony at Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore, on January 18, 2009.

Rinpoche discusses the kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in taking responsibility for preserving and spreading the Buddhadharma. Other topics in this teaching include the kindness of all sentient beings, the benefits of offering, and how the center helps with Dharma practice.

The Kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, continued

The other thing is that, I might have mentioned also in the past, however, The Mudra of the Sutra the Developing the Power of Devotion, there it is mentioned by Buddha, say, that, just, somebody merely seeing, somebody merely seeing a drawing of the Buddha or form of Buddha, the statue, receives greater, numberless greater merit than, see, somebody offered every day, one hundred thousands of divine, hts, the devas’ food, devas’ food means nectar, devas’ one hundred divine food, okay, devas’ food, one hundred devas’ food. Then one hundred devas’ dresses. So you offer that many every day, I think must be for eons, so I don’t remember how many eons, one hundred or, one hundred eons or a thousand eons, I don’t remember. However, eons, to whom? To the arhats.

[Rinpoche has been offered something to drink.]

So I think, ?Jinpa must have remembered the, by talking offerings.

So to the arhats, to not one arhat, solitary realizer, the arhat, not just one arhat. How many arhats? Equaling number of atoms of the universes. How many arhats? Equaling the number of atoms of the universes, okay, so that, unbelievable, unbelievable, wow, can you imagine, atoms of the universes, can you imagine? Offering every day, that many, to arhats, arhats equaling the number of atoms of universes, okay, so many days, it’s, well, itself is unbelievable merit, unbelievable.

So here it’s talking about somebody who did that. Then somebody who just merely seeing a statue of Buddha or the drawing of Buddha, just merely seeing, this one collect numberless greater merit, than, than the other one. So, compared to, so the other one, itself is, even offering to just one arhat is, the merit’s just unimaginable. Now here, to arhats equaling the number of atoms of the universes, every day, devas’ one hundred divine food, one hundred devas’ food, one hundred devas’ dresses, okay, so all that, compared to this last one, somebody who see, just merely seeing a statue of Buddha, a drawing of Buddha, so all those others become small, merit become, say, itself is unbelievable, but compared to this, becomes very small, this one is unbelievable, numberless great merit one collect, just the minute when you see the statue of Buddha or painting, drawing of Buddha, so that.

So, say, so as I mentioned also in the past, I think, so there’s somebody who’s very poor, extremely poor, so now to get more clear understanding about this, you know the offering to the arhats, even just one arhat, the karma, good karma is unbelievable, unbelievable.

So the, it is mentioned in lamrim teachings, so somebody who’s very poor, offered, I think some medicinal drink, something, [Tibetan] maybe some food, medicinal drink or some food, so offered to four monk, doesn’t say that they are arya monk or who has wisdom directly perceiving emptiness, doesn’t say that, just four monk. So, a very poor person, so offered this, four monks, one food to the four monks.

So, the next life this person was born as the, in India, most powerful king, King Kashika, most powerful, most wealthy, most powerful, wealthy king, the next life. The karma was just offering food to four monks, that’s it. That’s it. So because karma is expandable, even the virtue is very small, but the result is so big, karma is expandable so therefore, you see result the next life, that person was born a very powerful king. So King Kashika, so that. So therefore, now, so like this, next life become unimaginable, unimaginable, so that.

So therefore, now here, I mean not just one arhat, can you imagine, this is talking about arhat, who completed the five paths to liberation, liberated from the oceans of samsaric suffering and cause, and the cause, karma and delusion. So arhats equaling atoms of the universes, every day you offer hundreds of devas’ food, means nectar, and then hundred devas’ dress, so that means unbelievable expensive, so one deva’s one earring or necklace, even though whole human beings’ wealth put together, it’s not enough the cost, the price of the one necklace of devas, you can’t get, even whole human wealth is not enough, one necklace of devas. So now here, I mean that’s necklace, but just you can get some idea, one hundred devas’ dress, so means something unbelievable, you see, expensive, price.

So you offer every day to that many arhats, can you imagine. So that previous karma, you offer one food four monks, and next life, wow, unbelievable, king, powerful, wealthy, so forth. Now here, can you imagine what the result would be, what the result would be, every day one hundred devas’ food, devas’ dress, to offer that many arhats, every day, can imagine, and for eons.

So now, now here, just, somebody merely seeing a statue of Buddha, a drawing of Buddha, by eye, so collect numberless greater merit. So all those other merits, compared to this, become small, can you imagine, like that. Then it says, there it says that, now if you prostrate, now even much more than that, it says, if you prostrate, make flower offering, incense offering, so forth, so this is giving an idea, to the, I mean, statue of Buddha, whatever, a drawing of Buddha, whatever, so you do this, even prostrate like this, make flower offering or the incense offering, now you collect numberless greater merit than merely seeing a statue or drawing of Buddha. Now here, next one, prostrate, offer flower, incense, now numberless greater merit than that one before, seeing a statue of Buddha or the drawing of Buddha, okay. So that’s amazing.

So now, by understanding this subject of karma, now you can realize how you’re so fortunate, how so fortunate, have met the Buddhadharma, because have met Buddhadharma this life, so fortunate, unbelievable, unbelievable fortunate, ______ . Unbelievable easy, by the kindness of Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, guru, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha; guru, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, or Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, however, the, when we say Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, then it’s including Buddha, so three, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. Then, as originator of Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, then Guru, Guru, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, like that.

So anyway, the life become, can you imagine the life, by having, because we have met Buddhadharma, life become unbelievable easy, we think like that, to achieve, to achieve any happiness you wish, any success, any happiness you wish, to achieve. Not only happiness of future lives, not only liberation, even to achieve enlightenment, it becomes so easy, so easy to create the cause, that.

So anyway, why I got stuck into this talk, why I got stuck into this talk, so I was talking about how everything dependent, root of all happiness, this life happiness, future life, liberation from samsara, enlightenment, all that, and you cause all this happiness to others, happiness of this life to other sentient beings, happiness of future lives to other sentient beings, liberation from samsara to other sentient beings, you cause enlightenment to other sentient beings, how it’s dependent to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, comes from his kindness.

So, so what I was saying before, up to now, since you met the Buddhadharma, up to now, us, since we met Buddhadharma, up to now, all this, can you imagine now, even just with this, even just with this explanation, you realize how you’re so fortunate, unbelievable fortunate, most fortunate. It’s like, it becomes unbelievable easy to overcome the suffering, to achieve liberation, enlightenment. So since we have met Buddhadharma up to now, so this, say, this unbelievable, unbelievable opportunity, so far what we practiced, made closer to enlightenment, closer to liberation, closer to enlightenment, so by the kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all that, from that.

So, so what I was saying. So I was saying the first, the very first thing is to pray His Holiness, the long life, holy wishes to be succeed, and then the center, and yourself, so this prayer, so, remember, so for ?against, pacifying obstacles, the center here, where you learn Dharma, pray, the center where, who supports, who helps you to practice Dharma, the center is an organization who helps you to practice, to understand Dharma, understand the path to get out of suffering, to be liberated yourself from suffering, to achieve enlightenment, organization who helps you, who creates the conditions, this, so, who helps arrange the place where there’s statues, stupas, scriptures, that makes most, that makes unbelievable easy, say, to purify negative karma, just your open the mind, just you open your eyes, perceiving, inconceivable, unbelievable merit, every time when you come to the center, I mean, I’m saying, including that, even just from that, benefit is unimaginable, unimaginable, so plants seed of enlightenment, bring to enlightenment. So, like that, who helps to learn Dharma, protects your life to, from samsara, towards liberation, to the enlightenment, protects you from the lower realms, protects you from the samsara, towards liberation and enlightenment, bring, direct, so like that.

So anyway, so therefore, we need to pray for the obstacles as well as, then ourself, the most important prayer is to attain the path to enlightenment, that’s the most important. So, otherwise, if you don’t attain the path to enlightenment, if you live continuously samsara, it’s only suffering, it’s only suffering, life is only suffering.

All this pleasure we receive, samsaric pleasure, all this pleasure we receive, our survival, pleasure, comes from, all this we receive by the kindness of sentient beings. One is by shelter. So as I mentioned in the past, shelter. When the house is built, so many sentient beings have to die, have to be killed, insects, ants and worms, and so many sentient beings in the ground, on the ground, in the ground, have to be killed, and die. And some are, then other sentient beings who are working have to create negative karma, that. So like that, you see, so, so many sentient beings died, they suffered, and others created negative karma, harming others, so that’s how this shelter happened, that’s how you received your protection for your life and comfort, and all that.

So, you see, so like that, and then, food, so as I often mention that, for this one rice, numberless sentient beings, in order to receive this one rice from the field, of course, all those people and, I mean the machine, or whether it’s animal or machine, plowing the land, or the, so in Nepal, in those other places, India, some use machines, but some, many use animals, and very hot sun, then plow the land, the animals, the people suffer, unbelievable, unbelievable.

So anyway, even doing machine, but then so many mice, and many ants, worms, so many are killed, who die.

So the, first of all there’s a forest, forest have to burn, trees have to be burned, to have a field, you see, to grow food, so like that, so many sentient beings have to die, have to be harmed, killed, so like that.

So this is how you get the food, and it’s, I mean, you don’t do this just for rice, you don’t do all that for the one] rice, but for many rice. So, what I was saying is, [pause] so you see, now, see, so, this plate of rice, okay, this one rice came from another rice, that came from another rice, that come from another rice, so how many thousands of years ago since this rice, lineage of rice, this one rice, came from another rice, this one came from another rice, another rice, you see, if you think of all that, generation, not generation…. Huh? [students suggest the word evolution to Rinpoche]. Evolution, e-vo-lu-tion.

So, anyway, so you can see now how many sentient beings suffered, numberless, numberless sentient beings suffered for this, died for this, harmed, harmed other sentient beings for this food, can you imagine, just the lineage of, just the evolution of one rice. Can you imagine, numberless sentient beings suffered, died, killed, harm others.

So now, so this plate, this whole plate of rice, every rice is like that, can you imagine, numberless sentient beings suffered, died, and killed, have to kill, harm others, harm other sentient beings, so you see, for this rice, this lineage of rice, evolution, e-vo-lu-tion of this rice. So, anyway, can you imagine, can you imagine, so then, you see, then, finally, you see, you eat this, then you survive your life, you survive your life by eating this, then you get comfort, comfort, you’re able to survive your life, amazing.

So like this, being in samsara, that’s it. If you don’t attain the path, if you don’t meditate, if you don’t learn Dharma, if you don’t attain the path, if you don’t, say, cease the cause of suffering, delusion and karma, so constantly have to suffer in samsara, as one has been suffering from beginningless rebirth in samsara, so like that.

It’s because we don’t have neither omniscience, nor clairvoyance, no sentient beings, hts, even they, clairvoyance, they can remember past lives, can see future lives, can remember past, hundreds and thousands, even one past life, even just life before this, can’t remember. So can you imagine, can’t remember hundred, thousands, from beginningless rebirth, suffered in samsara, can’t remember. And then what makes to experience continuously all the suffering of samsara, the six realms, doesn’t, they cannot see the future, so doesn’t ?feel, so you think of only this life, and that’s it, thinking only this life.

So anyway, I think it must be dinner time now. Oh, not yet. When is dinner time? [Inaudible comment from a student.] About now? Okay, so, like this, how much they have to suffer for your life, for your health, I mean, for your survival, so many numberless sentient beings have to suffer, they have to die, like that.

So, same thing, then also clothing, same, and many things, what we wear came from animals, their skins or whatever, their hairs, or silk, all the silk dresses, they have to burn, they have to be put in hot, boiling hot water, and comes the silk, so, so much suffering, like that. So, however, so many sentient beings suffered for this, even the dress, we get comfort, protection, unbelievable, unbelievable. So if you think of the evolution, this came from that, this came from this, this came from this, this came from this, if we think evolution back, unbelievable.

So this is how we live life, live life, survive, live life, how we get comfort, like that.

So it’s very unbearable, if you don’t practice Dharma, the life, if you don’t practice Dharma, don’t learn Dharma, don’t practice Dharma, don’t meditate, if you don’t pray to have realization of the path to enlightenment, at least even the path to liberation, if you don’t do that, if you don’t do that, then, so looks like, say, so longer we are in samsara, so many sentient beings have to suffer your life, for your happiness, that. So it’s very unimaginable, unimaginable, say, unbearable, so unbearable.

So, so therefore, so the to have realization, this, renunciation, without renunciation you can’t achieve liberation. Without realization of emptiness, there’s no antidote to samsara, cannot stop the suffering of samsara; there’s no antidote to the root of samsara, the ignorance, you cannot eliminate that without the realization of emptiness, so like that, constantly suffer.

Then, without realization of bodhicitta, you can’t achieve enlightenment. Not only that, then your actions, actions of body, speech and mind, eating, walking, sitting, not only meditation or reciting prayer or reading Dharma books, however, including those, studying Dharma, then even eating, walking, sitting, sleeping, many hours of doing job, all this doesn’t become cause to achieve enlightenment, doesn’t become cause to achieve liberation from samsara, doesn’t become the antidote to samsara, to the root of samsara, the ignorance, and it doesn’t become antidote to that, so it become, so without the three principles of the path, realization of the three principles of the path, so then, so it becomes cause of samsara, that, then even the lower realms, like that.

Then the very root, I mean, the quick way to achieve full enlightenment, so the quick way to liberate numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsaric suffering and bring to enlightenment, quick way, by practicing tantra. Then the very root, to make everything successful is the guru devotion, the guru yoga, need to practice guru yoga.

Now the guru yoga dinner, dinner guru yoga.

Dag gi ji nye...

[End of discourse]