The Kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (Audio and Unedited Transcripts)

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore. (Archive #1757)

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave this Dharma talk prior to a refuge ceremony at Amitabha Buddhist Centre, Singapore, on January 18, 2009.

Rinpoche discusses the kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in taking responsibility for preserving and spreading the Buddhadharma. Other topics in this teaching include the kindness of all sentient beings, the benefits of offering, and how the center helps with Dharma practice.

 His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the Tibetan Library, Dharamsala, India,1975. Photo: Dan Laine.
The Kindness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

...end of the Heart Sutra, the reason why I added this extra the, very powerful dispelling the obstacles. So here, I think it’s very good to recite this, at the center, as a group it’s more powerful and even individually, when you recite Heart Sutra it’s good to do that.

So here, go refuge to the guru, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, then the, in the past, used the example, Indra, by meditating on the Prajnaparamita, the words and meanings, and then, the profound meaning of the words, meanings of the Prajnaparamita, and then, dispelled the obstacles. So, similar, so, here, us, the disciples, the spiritual masters, and also then, by remembering the, reflecting the profound meaning of the Prajnaparamita, as well as the words, then, the bad thoughts, the human beings, non-human beings, bad thoughts, and the violent, the harmful actions, then to be dispelled. So here, what you can think, or what includes is His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the first thing, then the center here, then yourself. So any obstacles, so the harms, or any obstacles, others’ bad thoughts, harmful actions to be pacified.

So I think, yeah, first His Holiness the Dalai Lama, so who is the, who preserve the whole entire Buddhadharma, you know, Lesser Vehicle teachings, and the Great Vehicle teachings, Mahayana teachings, the sutra, and then Mahayana teaching, the Secret Mantra Vajrayana. So, on this earth, in this world, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the only one who preserve the whole entire Buddhadharma revealed by Buddha, who take full responsibility in the spread, preserve and spread.

Because of His Holiness’s kindness, because he’s living in this world, so because of that, then the teachings of the Buddha is able to be, is able to be preserved, able to spread, the, from great ______ who practiced, who had the experience, who did extensive learning, in their whole life from young time, from very young time they become monks, in Tibet, for so many years, practiced, studied with many other learned, many thousands of learned monks, then did extensive listening, extensive study, practice, and had great experience, so able to teach to many thousands of, hundreds, many thousands of young monks, I mean, other sentient beings. So able to produce qualified teachers from these monasteries, so many, so many, then to teach, and able to teach in many different parts of the world, even including just our own center, FPMT center, in different parts of the world, so many teachers from these monasteries, and able to spread Buddhadharma many different parts of the Western world, amazing, just even Australia, so many, so many different parts of Australia, so many different parts of Spain, so many different parts of the Western countries, so much, for so many years. So anyway, just, just even in FPMT, just one Organization.

So, able to give so much freedom to sentient beings that awaken their mind, bring light of Dharma in their life, in their hearts, and dispel the darkness of ignorance in their life, that which influences the life, which leads their life in the wrong, totally wrong ways, I mean just to samsara, just the lower realms, to change that, to turn their life towards enlightenment, to liberation, to enlightenment. So that, so many sentient beings able to direct their life towards enlightenment, especially in the West.

So all those countries, in Tibet called ?mong po ling, the Land of the Darkness, the ignorance, the Land of Darkness, not darkness of Western education, but darkness of Dharma, not darkness of Western education, the technology, or the science, but, the real light of Dharma, towards liberation, towards enlightenment, bringing, turning the life towards samsara to the liberation, towards enlightenment, so like that, to where there’s great light, turn towards that, instead of towards darkness.

So, anyway, so, even just this organization able to give so much opportunity, from each center, there’s so many sentient beings, through the years, so many sentient beings able to meet Dharma, able to learn, able to make their life closer to enlightenment, liberation from samsara, and closer to enlightenment. So the, closer to enlightenment is, more distant from samsara.

So, anyway, unbelievable, unbelievable opportunity to attain the path, to leave so much positive imprint, able to hear extensive the teaching of Buddha, philosophy, the sutra, tantra, then the essence, lam-rim, the heart. So unbelievable opportunity, make their lives meaningful.

So this is due to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all that. If he didn’t, if he didn’t happen coming out of Tibet, or if he didn’t leave, then all this not able to happen, doesn’t happen, including us, including us meeting Dharma, it doesn’t happen, no way, no way, it’s impossible, no way to happen. And then, all these great monasteries, not only Lama Tsongkhapa tradition, especially, no question, but even other traditions wouldn’t happen. The establishing outside of Tibet, and continue with the elaborately, Buddhist education, Buddhadharma, and practice, and wouldn’t happen, sutra, tantra, wouldn’t happen.

So, so the, in old times, when the Tibetans escaped from Tibet, I think, the Mainland China government asked to Nehru, Pandit Nehru, the Indian Prime Minister, so Jawaharlal Nehru accepted to send the Tibetans back to Tibet. Then His Holiness requested to ask Nehru to not send back, to not send the Tibetans back to Tibet.

So if that happened, then all this, all these large monasteries, then able to preserve, I mean, ?studied the extensive learning Buddhadharma, all these monasteries, four traditions, spread Lama Tsongkhapa’s teachings, like this, Sera, Ganden, Drepung, all these, Tantric Colleges, so all this wouldn’t, so that, by now, wouldn’t exist.

And then, able to send teachers, for example, here, ABC, Geshe Chonyi, coming here to teach, wouldn’t have happened. Geshe Chonyi wouldn’t be there in Sera Monastery learning extensive Buddhadharma, wouldn’t happen, that Sera Monastery wouldn’t exist, wouldn’t exist, wouldn’t be there, if that happened, if Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru sent the Tibetans back, after they escaped, what the Mainland China asked. So if His Holiness didn’t request, so, including us, just very clear one, including us, we wouldn’t have met, we wouldn’t have learned lam-rim teachings, wouldn’t have met lam-rim teaching, the heart, the very, say, the foundation of tantra, the very heart of Buddhadharma, very heart of Buddhism, we wouldn’t have met, and we wouldn’t have understood by now, and we wouldn’t have opportunity to practice now, all this understanding we wouldn’t have now, that make alive, really alive, the life really alive, the human life really meaningful, alive, like the car having the petrol, or light having the electricity, that function, like that. A human being, that able to function, really to benefit others, unbelievable extensive, can’t imagine, I mean, yourself, ?how to achieve enlightenment, wouldn’t happen. So this is great joy of life, that what you can do with this human body, by understanding, by learning Dharma, what you can do, unbelievable, what you can achieve, unbelievable, unbelievable, happiness in life.

Then what you can offer, so extensive, to numberless sentient beings, not only the happiness of this life, but happiness of future lives, all the coming future lives, to them, and liberation from samsara to them, enlightenment to them. So unbelievable what you can offer, so many ways you can benefit for sentient beings, so wouldn’t have this, our life wouldn’t be like this by now, if His Holiness didn’t come out of Tibet, and if His Holiness is not living in this world, or if His Holiness did not request to Pandit Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, you see.

So I’m just giving a little bit of the story, clarification how it’s not just praise but it’s a real thing, say, how everything dependent to His Holiness. His Holiness is the, so, root, I mean the root of all our happiness, up to enlightenment, this life happiness up to enlightenment, everything, and, including us and all sentient beings. So, it comes from the teachings of the Buddha, all us sentient beings’ happiness comes from the teaching of Buddha, so the teaching of the Buddha exist in this world, preserve, preserve completely and spread, so His Holiness is the main source who preserve, who spread the complete Buddhadharma.

So, there are many leaders of religions, I mean, even just talking Buddhism, many leaders, you know, the Lesser Vehicle religion, then, the Mahayana sutra, Mahayana tantra, then four Tibetan Buddhism, four Tibetan Mahayana traditions, all that. But, however, there’s no, there’s no others like His Holiness, who takes full responsibility and who able to preserve and spread the entire Buddhadharma, the extensive sutra, and extensive tantra, so, the four classes of tantra, so like that. So I think, actually the Buddhadharma existing now in this world, flourishing, is because of His Holiness, it’s because, so extensively flourishing sutra and tantra, complete Buddhadharma, that.

So the sentient beings, therefore the sentient beings in this world, we have unbelievable, including us, unbelievable, unbelievable opportunity, unbelievable opportunity, to learn, to learn continuously as much as one can, so much what you can learn, and then, integrate into lam-rim, integrate into the heart, the lam-rim, and then actualize, the three principles of the path, and then the, your own deity, tantric, your own deity, tantric deity’s, the path, the heart, say, the heart of the tantra, so like that, integrating into this, then able to achieve enlightenment, so that, able to take essence, meaning in the life, meaning in your life, and benefit such extensive way to sentient beings, that.

So anyway, so what I’m saying here, so this prayer is very important, so we have responsibility to pray for His Holiness, to say, we have great responsibility to pray for His Holiness. So when we do protector prayers or whatever prayer, the very first thing, the very first, the very first thing, the very first thing, say, oh, yes, one has family members, one has many, many things, but overall, the most important thing, including yourself, for sentient beings, is His Holiness the Dalai Lama to have long life and holy wishes to be succeed, that’s the first thing, the very first thing to pray is that one. You know, whatever prayer you do, protector prayer or whatever prayer you do, that’s the first thing to do, that’s the first thing, which helps everybody, helps you, it helps yourself. We can tell the story up to now, up to now, the benefit what you’ve got, how many years one has learned Dharma, or the, you know, come to the center, such and such as ABC, like that, you see, the, have done that much practice, various practices, and however, purified so much negative karma, each time when you come to the center, so, you see, by meditating on bodhicitta or however, meditating on emptiness or renunciation, or reciting Thirty-five Buddhas’ names, or the, Vajrasattva, whatever it is, so many, by reciting Thirty-five Buddhas’ name, just once, so many eons of negative karma is purified, just reciting one time the name, one name; Thirty-five Buddhas, it’s just one of the Buddha’s names, so many eons of negative karma is purified.

And then, De zhin sheg pa me tog pal la chhag tshal lo, "I prostrate to the Glorified Flower Buddha," it purifies, by reciting the name one time, it has the power to purify 100,000 eons of negative karma, reciting that name just once. So then, others, many, many eons of negative karma get purified, just coming here, doing prostration, or however, reciting, so I mean, whatever practice you do, so just unimaginable, unimaginable, unimaginable benefit what you get, can imagine.

So, say, without Dharma, all those heavy negative karmas collected, I mean, even the one life, even one day, one negative karma, nothing you can do, you can’t purify, there’s nothing, you see, so, only Dharma such like these practices, you know, so many eons of negative karma get purified just reciting one name of those Buddha, can imagine, so made life so easy, unbelievable easy, you don’t have to experience all those heavy sufferings of the lower realms or even in the human realm next time, due to another good karma you’re born a human being, but experience so much, so many lifetimes you suffer, so you don’t have to, those get purified. So, makes life unbelievably easy, so many eons negative karma get purified, so many negative karmas collected from beginningless rebirth get purified.

So this, I mean this is without, this is just, yeah, immediately doing those practices, this is without talking many other powerful things like self-initiation, or many other things, many practices, without talking that, just immediate thing what you can do, see, whether who has received initiation or no initiation, but immediately, by coming to the center, you take care by yourself, doing these practices, what is led, what is done by group, what is led at the center. So, unbelievable benefit you get, unbelievable benefit.

Doing prayer together, one hundred times more powerful than your doing prayer alone in the room, there’s big differences. The Kadampa geshes mentioned in the thought transformation text, doing prayer group has a lot of power. So if you’re doing some puja or something, you see, I mean, prayer, pacify obstacles or want success, spiritual success, whatever, so doing together has so much power, so one hundred times more powerful than doing individually on your own, on your own pillow, on your own bed, in your own room, on your own cushion. So, huge differences, the prayers ?will ?have power.

So, what I was saying, up to now, your life up to now. So, beginning, before one met Dharma, say, coming to the center, knew nothing, so the, so, totally dark, mind is like a dark room, like the world where there’s no, say, no sun, anyway without sun, without moon, nothing, so, how it is totally dark, so like Greenland, Greenland? So six months there’s no light.

So, anyway, however, so then, then by coming here, by coming to the center, to learn, to learn, practice, in a group, so, so far, how many years, learnt a lot and did a lot, did unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable purification, so many negative karmas purified, so many obstacles to achieve realization, path to enlightenment, to achieve liberation and enlightenment, so much is purified, then collected extensive merits, limitless skies of merits every time, every time we begin a practice with bodhicitta, at the beginning, so this is without talking during the actual practice, but even just the beginning, with bodhicitta, so can you imagine.

Even at the beginning when you take refuge, at the very beginning of the practice when you take refuge, the merits of taking refuge, if it’s materialized, it is said that, even the three realms, three realms or the [Tibetan] I think, the great thousand, say, great thousand of three thousand, [pause] I’ve forgotten the name, I’ve forgotten the English word. The great thousand of three thousand, say, the universes, so, anyway, so one universe, one entire universe, then, like that, one, two, three, four, five, thousand, then, like that, again, count that one thousand, like that, one, two, three, four thousand, that’s ten thousand, then like that thousand, one, two, three, four thousand, so that’s a great thousand of three thousand, say, universe, universe. So, anyway, fill up, anyway, so, so anyway, when you take refuge, the benefits, if it’s materialized, benefits, if materialized, even the great thousand of three thousand universes won’t fit, even the three realms, however, won’t fit. If the benefits of taking refuge, if it’s materialized, say, even this limitless sky, it’s small, doesn’t fit, that’s what it’s saying. So, so like that, very beginning the practice, refuge, there’s benefit like that, amazing, so then, bodhicitta.

So the, say, so very beginning, the, as mentioned in the Lamp of the Path to Enlightenment, referring to another sutra, or mentioned in the Tenth Bhumi Sutra, however, the, say, [pause] something like the great thousand of three thousand universes filled up with jewels, diamond, gold, silver, so forth, seven types of jewels, totally full, then you offer to the buddhas, okay, you offer to the buddhas. Then, that itself is, first of all, that itself is unimaginable merit, I mean how much merit you collect, can’t imagine, can’t imagine.

So, it is said that, sutra, Me tog tsek pai do, Me tog phung pai do, tsek pai do, The Sutra of the Pile, say, Piled Flowers, there mentioned that, so, if you offer one tiny flower, if you offer one tiny flower, I mean, it says, one flower, anyway, what it says, if you offer one flower, to the stupa, then, how much benefit it contains, the offering one flower to the stupa, so, happiness, so here, just pay attention, just listen here, so that you get some idea, see, in the daily life, why the offering, practice of offering is so important, to the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, so you get some idea how it’s so important, the practice, the seven-limb practice, the offering, seven-limb practice, for say, to actualize the meditation on the path, lam-rim, the steps of the path to enlightenment to be successful, to have realization, to complete the path, to achieve enlightenment, to complete the path, to achieve enlightenment, how to be successful, by them you need to purify defilements and collect necessary condition, merits, so the, so, ?well, seven-limb practice, it’s most needed, so the one, from the seven, one of them is, say, the first one is, anyway, what I’m saying? The second one, first one prostration, second one is offering, so, second limb is offering.

So there it’s mentioned offering a flower to a stupa, then, what you experience is that, happiness what you experienced from beginningless rebirth, beginningless rebirth, happiness what you experienced from beginningless rebirth up to now, that much to be experienced in the future; happiness what you experienced from beginningless rebirth up to now, that much to be experienced in the future. It’s unbelievable, unbelievable, can you imagine that? Just think that, that much what you experience, happiness, that much to be experienced in the future, that’s what you get. That’s what you get from that. So it’s unimaginable, unimaginable, unimaginable.

So now, then, you see now, on top of that, it doesn’t stop there, on top of that achieving the sorrowless state, liberation from the oceans of samsaric suffering and the cause, karma and delusion, okay, cessation, liberation from the oceans of samsaric suffering, oceans of sufferings of the hell beings, hungry ghosts, oceans of sufferings of animals, oceans of suffering of human beings, oceans of suffering of suras, oceans of suffering of asuras, oceans of suffering of intermediate state beings, all that, it’s ?unimaginable. So, cessation of all that, total liberation forever, forever, and then including, by ceasing the cause, karma and delusion, okay, complete, so, but even though it’s mentioned up to the ?nyang de, sorrowless state, but it doesn’t stop there, it doesn’t stop there, because, why it doesn’t stop there is because, you know, say, such as offering to the, no question the Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, but just even the statue, stupa, just even offering to a statue of Buddha, scripture of Buddha, stupa of Buddha, even just this, so here it’s talking about the stupa, okay.

So, all this, say, immediately, as I mentioned also yesterday, immediately, even the motivation is not Dharma, but immediately these actions, making offering, such as making offering to the statues, stupas, scriptures of the Buddha, immediately become cause to achieve enlightenment, become cause of enlightenment, the highest success, that.

So, as I mentioned yesterday, the circumambulation or prostration, offering, whatever, done these holy objects, by the power of holy object, even the motivation is not Dharma, they immediately become cause of enlightenment, cause of enlightenment, the peerless happiness, full enlightenment, cessation of all the, cessation of even the subtle mistakes of mind and completion of all the realizations, okay, so like that. So now, so that’s very common, that’s very common to mention, from very beginning of lam-rim, it is taught.

So now, it doesn’t stop there, so making a flower offering to a stupa, so you achieve this, full enlightenment, become cause to achieve full enlightenment. But it doesn’t stop there, so it doesn’t stop there, so what is on top of this, the benefit you get, besides enlightenment yourself, achieve enlightenment, okay, then you liberate numberless sentient beings, numberless hell beings, numberless hungry ghosts, numberless animals, numberless human beings, suras, asuras, then, from oceans of samsaric suffering and cause, karma and delusion. So you, after being enlightened, you liberate, you the one being, liberates those numberless sentient beings from each, from those realms, okay. So that is just amazing, amazing, amazing, what you can do. Just that.

So, so one tiny flower, one very tiny flower you offer to, no matter how small, the picture, drawing, picture of the deity, I mean, the Buddha, no matter how small it is, no matter how big, a statue or drawing, see, so, or a stupa, so this is what you get, you know, what you offer is one tiny flower, or one grain of rice, but what you get, what you get, is all that, it’s unimaginable. So, until, you can enjoy the result, result of that, until you brought numberless sentient beings from each realm, to enlightenment, and there’s no sentient being left. So it causes all that, benefit, so that.

So this is the introduction, this is the introduction, first, what one should get the idea, what one should learn, should get the broad idea. So, say, so this is the experience of numberless buddhas, numberless sentient beings become enlightened, it’s their experience, complete, the completion of this experience, okay, so what I’m telling now.

So the, so now here, so now here, if you offer one plate of jewel, one plate of diamonds, silver, whatever, one plate of jewels to the buddhas, can you imagine, the benefit’s unbelievable, much more than that one tiny, I was talking about one tiny flower, one grain of rice to offer to one tiny picture of Buddha or statue of Buddha, talking that, benefit what you get. Now, now can’t imagine if you plate offer, one plate full of jewels you offer to Buddha, can you imagine, the merits are unbelievable, far more, much more greater, unbelievable, unbelievable. Can you imagine just, so now you move, now you, this second offering, the plate of jewels, so gold, can you imagine that, so, one grain of rice, one flower, one tiny flower, those tiny one, see, has unbelievable benefit like this, can you imagine how much merit you get, you collect, one plate of jewels, plate, where you eat rice, where you, the bowl, the big bowl of noodles, say, big bowl of this fast noodle, anyway, it doesn’t matter, big bowl of noodles, anyway, so you fill up with jewels, offer to Buddha, can you imagine, merit, say, the merit is, it’s like one handful of earth, and the rest of the earth, big differences. A handful of earth, and then rest of the earth, ?kind of the difference, like this size. So now here, same like that, one plateful of jewels you offer Buddha, can you imagine.

So now, so now your house filled with jewels, your house filled with diamonds, gold, silver, okay, completely full and offer to Buddha, can you imagine that, the merit? Mind-blowing, blowing the mind. So now, your area filled up with jewels, you offer to Buddha. So now the whole country, like Singapore, filled with jewels, big piles of jewels offer to Buddha, now, I mean, say, no way to fit our mind, it’s like coma, can’t fit, cannot understand, so like fainted or coma or something. So now this world filled up with these big piles of jewels, offer to Buddha, so now here we’re talking about galaxies or the, three thousand galaxies, however, great thousand of three thousand universes, filled up with jewels, then you offer to the Buddhas, Buddhas, I’m not talking one Buddha, offering Buddhas, so anyway, so can imagine.

So now, next one, for the sake of all sentient beings I must achieve enlightenment. You put two palms together at your heart, for the sake of all sentient beings, I must achieve enlightenment, generate bodhicitta. You put palms together like this, you think, generate bodhicitta for the sake of all sentient beings, I’m going to achieve enlightenment, generate bodhicitta.

So, just simply generating bodhicitta like this, this one collect far more greater merit than, comparing this, compared to this, then, three thousand, great thousand of three thousand, great thousand of three thousand universes filled with jewels, offered to the buddhas, all this merit becomes small, compared for the sake of all sentient beings, I’m going to generate, say, I must achieve enlightenment, I’m going to generate bodhicitta, and put palms together. This one collects far more greater merit, far more greater merit, understand? So, therefore, [pause] far more greater merit than the previous one.

So, you see, so you can understand. If you analyze like this, so can understand, how it’s unbelievable.

So, every time, when come to the center, you begin practice, teachings, or begin practice, bodhicitta at the beginning, so, so from the very beginning, after you sat down, how much merit you collect it’s mind-blowing. From the very beginning, generate bodhicitta, unimaginable, unimaginable, unimaginable, like that.