Perfect Freedom: The Great Value of Being Human

By Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche
Dharamsala, India September 1984 (Archive #017)

A lightly edited transcript of teachings given in September 1984 at Tushita Retreat Centre, Dharamsala, India. Edited by Ailsa Cameron. Originally published as a transcript by Wisdom Publications.

Download a Chinese version (pdf) translated by Lobsang Dhargyey.

Appendix: The Everflowing Nectar of Bodhicitta

The Everflowing Nectar of Bodhicitta
The Mahayana Thought Training Annihilating the Demon of the Self-Cherishing Mind

What follows is an eight-verse teaching that contains the entire technique for transforming the mind into relative and absolute bodhicitta. It was composed by Langri Tangpa Dorje Senghe, a disciple of the virtuous friend, perfect in all knowledge, Kadampa Potowa Rinchen Säl, who in turn was a disciple of the holy lamp of the teachings, Atisha. Of his guru Potowa’s eight heart-sons, Langri Tangpa was the only one to receive the special instructions on exchanging oneself with others.

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