The Whole World Comes from the Mind

The Whole World Comes from the Mind

Date of Advice:
July 2017
Date Posted:
December 2020

Rinpoche wrote this card for a neighbor who had been sending tiny vases of beautiful flowers to Rinpoche when he was doing retreat.

Spring flowers in the LYWA garden, Lincoln, MA, 2016. Photo: Wendy Cook.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-granting one,
I wanted to come up and visit you, but somehow it didn’t happen.  Anyway, what I wanted to express is to thank you very, very, very, very much for your wonderful flowers, for the flowerpot you made yourself and for the small flowers from your garden. They are very expressive—so tiny, but so amazing, so beautiful, there is so much to learn from them. They are very detailed, and even though they are very small, the shapes and details and colors are amazing. From that, by seeing these creations, we can learn about our mind, because this also came from the mind.

The whole world came from the mind—whatever part of the world we see came from our mind. Our vision of hell came from our mind; our enlightenment came from our mind; our samsara, nirvana, what we experience, came from our mind; our everyday happiness and pleasure came from our mind; as well as virtue and nonvirtue; all this came from our mind. Therefore our mind has complete freedom to not be born in hell and to achieve the highest happiness, buddhahood; to not be born samsara and to achieve nirvana and every day to achieve happiness and to not experience suffering and unhappiness.

This is the Buddha’s view, the Buddha’s teachings, so you can see from this that you have so much freedom in your mind, in your hands, regarding your life. It’s not up to somebody else. It’s not up to God. Yes, there are many people in the world who believe God created life and their life is up to God, but that would mean it is uncertain.

I hope to see you next time. Please give my best wishes to your husband and thank him. Take care with bodhicitta, the ultimate good heart.

With much love and prayers ...