Whether to Practice Shi-nä

Whether to Practice Shi-nä

Date Posted:
November 2012

A student asked Rinpoche if it would be more beneficial for him to train as an interpreter or to practice shi-nä (shamatha), over the next three to five years.

My dear Joel,
I would like to say to your question that you should aim your mind to bodhicitta, in this life as much as possible. In order for that, then shi-nä is ok, but do not think that shi-nä is the main one, the main plan, which is to achieve enlightenment for sentient beings.

Anyway, I checked your question and to be a translator is good; it’s not the best, but it is good. Shi-nä doesn’t come out.

Anyway we have shi-nä realization numberless times. We have been born in form and formless realms numberless times. Even Hindus have the method to achieve shi-nä, to achieve the full characteristics, so it’s nothing special for Buddhists.

At the moment shi-nä doesn’t come out for you.

With much love and prayers...