Vision of Buddhas

Vision of Buddhas

Date Posted:
September 2009

A student had a vision of Kuan Yin, a manifestation of Compassion Buddha. In the vision, Kuan Yin was displaying various mudras or gestures, which the student then reproduced on camera, and sent the videotape to Rinpoche for comment.

My very dear Lucy
I hope you are better now. In your letter you asked a few questions. According to my divination, the mudras may have been taught by Kuan Yin, but you must always be aware that all the buddhas have one mind, or you can say the same mind. For example, from the ocean come rivers, streams, and rain. They look different, but in the end, they are all one. The forms of water look different, but they are all one. So, what Kuan Yin did for you is, in reality, the action of all the buddhas.

There is also the root of the path to enlightenment, which is guru devotion. However many gurus one has, whatever different actions they perform, however different they appear, one should realize that they all come from the same source, like in the example of water. All the gurus, from our side, are embodiments of our root guru, or the one we have the highest devotion for. From our side, we should realize they are all the Buddha’s holy mind, Dharmakaya, which has no beginning and no end, which pervades all existence, and manifests and takes form the second our karma ripens.

Some of these points you may not understand at the moment. But if you keep this in mind, you will understand later. Guru devotion is a very important meditation, and causes all the realizations on the path to enlightenment. It liberates all sentient beings from suffering and its causes, and brings them to enlightenment.

You mentioned that the faces of the Buddhas Amitabha and Medicine Buddha are the same. The way to differentiate generally is not by the face, but by their mudras. The second thing is by color, and sometimes by the position of the legs. As far as faces, there are many wrathful faces, so by the face alone it is difficult to tell which deity it is. For example, Guru Shakyamuni is golden in color with his legs crossed, the palm of his right hand on his knee, which signifies the mudra of having control, and his left hand is holding a begging bowl in the mudra of concentration, having destroyed delusions.

Amitabha is red in color and his two hands are in the mudra of concentration. He can also hold a bowl filled with nectar. Medicine Buddha is blue in color, his right hand holds a medicinal plant called arura, and his left hand is holding a begging bowl.

On another matter, we requested teachings from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and His Holiness has accepted to teach for eight days in Bodhgaya. Are you able to come? That would be the most precious thing in your life, as His Holiness is the actual Kuan Yin.

With much love and prayers...