Universal Education Logo 

Universal Education Logo 

Date Posted:
June 2009

Rinpoche sent the following advice on how to design a logo for the FPMT project in schools: Universal Education (UE).

My dear George, who is enriched with wisdom and devotion to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, and compassion to others, fully dedicated, as well as the other staff. All of you have these most important qualities, with which to enlighten sentient beings.

Usually, when I make letterheads for centers, monasteries, and so forth, it all has great significance—based on the two truths, wisdom and method, rupakaya and dharmakaya.

Here is the Universal Education logo for the letterhead (attached). The world signifies the place and sentient beings in this world and in other worlds. The lotus signifies the mind of sentient beings, which has potential Buddha nature. The pata (endless knot) signifies great compassion encompassing all sentient beings (so no one is left out), especially the attitude of total responsibility to free sentient beings from suffering and to cause them happiness, particularly ultimate happiness—enlightenment. So, this is the motivation for UE.

The sun signifies all wisdom—Dharma wisdom, the five wisdoms, and ultimate wisdom. This can signify eliminating the darkness of ignorance of sentient beings and thus fully enlightening them. Then, it is also Dharma wisdom—knowing what is right, what benefits oneself and others, and knowing what is wrong, what harms oneself and others. Then, there is ultimate wisdom, the wisdom realizing emptiness. There are also the five wisdoms.
The wish-granting jewel signifies that all sentient beings’ wishes for happiness can be fulfilled. By educating with UE, we generate compassion and wisdom, which is the whole path. Through this, all beings’ wishes for temporary happiness for this life and all their future lives, and ultimate happiness, full enlightenment, can be actualized.

This signifies that each of the students attending Universal Education will cause that (wish for happiness) for all sentient beings by developing compassion and wisdom in their hearts. First, the pata and sun, show that the FPMT organization fulfills the wishes of all sentient beings. Second, it is the students who fulfill the wishes of all sentient beings.

The banner (which says Universal Education) can have some Dharma words on it (like the Kopan logo). We can move "Universal Education" below the banner. The reason why I put jewels in the logos is for wealth and prosperity for the centers. Without money, one cannot do anything. Money, along with compassion and wisdom, can benefit sentient beings. You can look at the Maitreya logo—it is a good logo.

Thank you very much. Enjoy enlightening sentient beings. Ha ha, hee hee, hoo hoo, yam yam, with bodhicitta.

With much love and prayers...