Transference of Consciousness at Death Time

Transference of Consciousness at Death Time

Date of Advice:
January 2018
Date Posted:
July 2019

A long-time student was close to passing away due to cancer and had written to Rinpoche just to connect with him. Rinpoche sent this reply back with instructions on powa, the transference of consciousness at the moment of death.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, most wish-fulfilling one,
Thank you very much your kind letter.

Yes, you are supposed to die soon, however I might die before that, we can't really say. Sometimes people are dying in the hospital and the people who come to see them think that they themselves are healthy, but in the end they die before the sick person in hospital, so it often happens like that.

Please remember the advice I gave you before, keep thinking that, if it was Guru Vajrayogini, then just that. Think even the place where you are is Guru Vajrayogini’s holy place, Dagpa Kachö.

Every day think that Guru Vajrayogini is above your crown and there is a pipe or beam coming down and reaching close to your navel, then inside that is your consciousness, the size of mustard seed. It's like cotton, extremely light, so it can easily fly up at any time to Vajrayogini's heart, which is above your crown.

There is a red beam emitted from Guru Vajrayogini’s heart and this red beam is sent down, is coming down the tube of light to your heart; it is like a small spoon [which hooks] the consciousness abiding in your heart. The consciousness is light like cotton, so at any time it can shoot up to Guru Vajrayogini above your crown. It is ready to shoot up at any time.

Feel oneness with Guru Vajrayogini, the dharmakaya, transcendental wisdom of great bliss, non-dual with emptiness, like skies of bliss, feel that. Then as Vajrayogini shoots up and goes straight to Vajrayogini’s pure land, Dagpa Kachö, the dakas and dakinis do prostrations and offer music and chanting for you, and you abide in the lotus receiving teachings from Guru Vajrayogini.

With much love and prayers ...