Tired Through Working for Others

Tired Through Working for Others

Date Posted:
January 2006

Rinpoche asked about a nun who was in Mongolia taking care of a Dharma center by herself. The person responded that she was “tired”. Rinpoche replied as follows.

Please tell her, “Tired but worthwhile.” We can be tired because we are not yet freed from delusion and karma, and our body and mind are in the nature of suffering, but in this case we are tired through benefiting sentient beings. As it says in the Guru Puja:

Even if I must remain for an ocean of eons in the fiery hells of Avici
For the sake of even just one sentient being,
I seek your blessings to complete the perfection of joyous effort,
To strive with compassion for supreme enlightenment and not be discouraged.

Guru Shakyamuni Buddha sacrificed his life, limbs, wealth, and family when he was born as a king, and his whole body for three countless great eons. He did that for sentient beings, to bring us to enlightenment. So, when you compare to that, what we sacrifice is like an atom or nothing.