Thanks for Donation to Kopan

Thanks for Donation to Kopan

Date Posted:
April 2011

Rinpoche sent the following handwritten card to a very kind benefactor who made a big donation to Kopan Monastery.

Thank you very much, a billion, billion, billion times over, a zillion, trillion times, numberless, like the sky, from the bottom of my heart.

Your kind donation is causing and bringing all happiness and inner peace in this life, such as satisfaction. Even much more unbelievable, it is bringing continual happiness and peace in all future lives. This is unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable. What a great, most unbelievable thing.

Then, there is liberation from oceans of samsaric suffering and its causes, all the karma, delusion and its seeds. Wow! Wow! Wow! How unimaginable. Then, look, wait, one more wow! It is also bringing full enlightenment for so many people. For each year of the thirty-two years of Kopan Monastery, which is shining the Dharma light, Kopan sends numberless sentient beings, who shine too, to the numberless beings in the rest of the world. It sends so many people, as the months and years go by.

This happiness is for so many years. I hope you will live for zillions of years, be healthy, teach and guide meditation, and smile.

With bigger and biggest love, HA HA HA HA, and prayers for you from the Lawudo Himalayan yeti.

Here is a symbolic offering of a nice smiling bell from Dehradun. Tibetan people live their life by making bells. HA HA. Kopan brings so many many people inner happiness, peace, and Dharma happiness in their lives, the same unbelievable temporary happiness in future lives, and, most important, the cessation of samsaric suffering and its causes. This is most unbelievable—enlightenment. Wow!