The Suffering of Samsara Becomes Endless

The Suffering of Samsara Becomes Endless

Date of Advice:
January 2018
Date Posted:
July 2020

Rinpoche sent this message about the shortcomings of attachment to one student. Rinpoche wrote this himself.

We enjoy the views of the worldly mind, then at the end is deathtime. This is what I think. It is all so much suffering and creating the cause of suffering again.

The way you are thinking is right—usually each individual has had sex with everyone in world, generally, but they don't know that. From beginning rebirths we have had sex with every sentient being; there is no one that we haven't had sex with. If we don't practice Dharma, if we don't realize the four noble truths, then we have to experience the six realm sufferings again, limitless times.

Even people in the world who have high degrees in science don't know this. I can't say everybody, but generally they don’t know this and they think that it is the first time. They think it is the greatest pleasure, then via attachment the suffering of samsara becomes endless, then again people in the world have so much suffering due to the obscured mind, until they meet Dharma and meditate well, otherwise they do not understand.

Thank you.

Meanwhile there are eight Mahayana precepts that you can take. That is extremely good, especially if done with bodhicitta. It is really unbelievable what you can do to benefit sentient beings in this world and in your country; it’s really, really good to take [the eight Mahayana precepts] as much as you can. It's fantastic.