Signs of Dementia

Signs of Dementia

Date Posted:
August 2009

Rinpoche gave the following advice to a student whose mother was showing signs of dementia.

I checked a number of times regarding your Mum's situation, and it is better for her to stay where she is. There is a slight possibility she could pass away soon, but it is still better for her to stay where she is.

It is very important for whoever is with her to talk about the Dharma, in a natural way. She may not be Buddhist, but she knows you all are. Speak to her about the Dharma in a real way. This is very important for her at this time. It is the best thing children can do for their mother. Also, chant mantras and prayers. Of course, if she doesn’t want you to do this, then don’t. The point is to talk in a positive way to her.

So, this is my advice.