Rinpoche’s and Lama Lhundrup’s Heath

Rinpoche’s and Lama Lhundrup’s Heath

Date Posted:
August 2013

Rinpoche sent the following letter to an old student in 2012. The student had given Rinpoche a video about a dog with great compassion.

My very dear Stefan,
Thank you very, very, very much your news; that is really, really, really wonderful. I am sure that the dog is a manifestation of a bodhisattva in the form of a dog. To show that love to any animal is really great. This story is really, really, like nectar. Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy life with bodhicitta.

I hope you, as well as __ and the whole family, are well. Please give much love and prayers to them.

Here, Kopan is very good. Lama Lhundrup is very sick, but ordinary people in the same situation would already be dead. It is now difficult for him to walk and stand up, and he is getting weaker and weaker, but the Tibetan doctor said his eyes, urine and veins are good now, not bad, so we can see it’s not like ordinary people who are dying. It is quite an inspiration for the nurse who is caring for him. She is a student from New Zealand and she is very familiar with ordinary people in hospital who have cancer. She said normally people in the same situation would have so much suffering, but not Lama Lhundrup.

I am better than I was in the hospital; now I can move my right big toes little by little. My stroke [affected] my speech and my right side. So as time goes by, it's very interesting. This is the result of karma, and the shortcomings of the self-cherishing thought.

At the moment, I have come to Nepal to receive chab-trü (blessed water) from my guru, Dhakpa Rinpoche. It is very common to do this purification. Tibetans call a stroke pollution. In the West they call it a stroke, but they only know what they can see about it. Tibetans call it pollution and they often recommend chab-trü, as well as golden needles, precious pills, etc.

I had 10 days acupuncture in Nepal from a Tibetan woman from Lhasa who is Muslim, and now I am having massage as much as possible. One nun, who used to be one of the top 10 masseurs in Singapore, is doing it. Then maybe I will go to Lhasa and China, but getting the visa and permit is difficult, so maybe I will go to Europe for Khadro-la to treat with massage and exercise. She knows exactly what is needed.

Please pass this news to __ as well. Thank you very much and I hope to see you soon. It is nice to hear something from old students sometimes. People in the world should take flights to see Jasmine (the dog), rather than spending millions of dollars to take a flight for swimming in the water to see the whales. What do you think? Isn’t that more meaningful, more beneficial for the mind? The other things are just for attachment, but this is not to do with attachment, this is to do with a good heart.

With much love and prayers...