The Real Women’s Liberation

The Real Women’s Liberation

Date of Advice:
July 2018
Date Posted:
December 2021

A student had completed 200 nyung näs and asked whether they should do another 108 nyung näs or volunteer for a project in India.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
Thank you very much for your kind letter, I was very happy to receive it.

No, it didn’t come out beneficial for you to go to work for the project in India but then I checked and it seems there are some obstacles, both for you to go there and also for the next set of 108 nyung näs.

I checked what can be done and you should recite Amitayus Long Life Sutra (Tse dö) 500 times. You can read it and others can read it too; your friends to help you.

Also make 500 long-life tsa tsas. You can do this and also your friends can help you.

After you have done that, if you can, go to Bodhgaya and go around stupa, and do some retreat to do purification. Then after that it comes out best to go to the project in India and also best to do the nyung näs.

Thank you so much for the 200 nyung näs that you have already done. I am so happy with what you have already been able to accomplish. 

In the West they talk about liberation, like women’s liberation, etc., but what you are doing is the real women’s liberation. Please tell other women that this is the real women’s liberation, so then they can achieve enlightenment, because they have generated compassion for all sentient beings in order to free them from samsara. The final women’s liberation is enlightenment, I want to say this, and you can tell others that this is the real meaning of women’s liberation.

Thank you very, very, very much. It’s incredible, incredible, incredible, I like it very much. You have become an example to other women to achieve liberation, the final liberation. You are most welcome to buddhahood, in order to free the numberless sentient beings from the oceans of samsara’s sufferings and bring them to enlightenment.

What makes your life most meaningful is meditation on the lamrim, then to live your life with bodhicitta motivation. This is the best.

With much love and prayers ...