The Real Responsibility

The Real Responsibility

Date of Advice:
May 2014
Date Posted:
July 2016

Rinpoche wrote to thank a student who had decided to purify past negative karma. He also commented on the plight of Tibet.

My very dear one,
Thank you for your kind message. You are very precious, precious to me and to the sentient beings, and precious to repay the kindness of your parents. Numberless thanks, the best decision arose.

It’s very thoughtful to do something to purify your past negative karma and collect merit. Otherwise you would have to experience the  suffering of the hell, hungry ghost, animal, human, sura and asura realms numberless times. That’s just thinking of you.

There are numberless beings suffering in the six realms, and that is the real responsibility— to free them from all the suffering. That is the real responsibility and the greatest happy life. Realizing their kindness and cherishing them becomes the happiest life, the  most meaningful life.

The picture enclosed here is before the Buddha showed enlightenment. Mara attacked the Buddha, to disturb his achievement of enlightenment. This was shown in a violent way, but [the weapons] turned into flowers. Then young ladies and old ladies appeared, with organs showing to disturb the Buddha. But they could not disturb him at all and he developed loving kindness to all the maras and subdued them.

Please enjoy these photos and cards. Thank you very much.

With much love and prayers...

PS: That's very good that 180,000 people demonstrated in Hong Kong on 4 June. That’s very good they did that in Hong Kong, and they didn’t get hurt. It might help the government become more democratic and it might help Tibet also.

I don’t know the numbers but in a lot of Tibetan monasteries, so many high lamas were tortured and killed. It was completely upside down, as high officials became beggars. Unbelievable, so much suffering.

Even after Mao died, they can’t recite mantras, their lips can’t move, and they can’t have any pictures of buddhas in the house. They are able to have monasteries a little bit, but there is no freedom. Tibet has great difficulties.

When I was in Tibet, the Chinese police were watching. So many people were afraid. Therefore the demonstration might help the government become more democratic and for people to have peace and happiness and to help Tibet also. People are taken from their families, who don’t know what has happened to them and never see them again.

[Note: June 4, 2014, was the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing.]