A Rare Opportunity

A Rare Opportunity

Date Posted:
September 2013

Ten days after manifesting a stroke in April 2011, Rinpoche sent this message to a student who had offered flowers.

Good morning, good evening, Katie and the whole family,
Thank you very, very much. Thank you very much. This puppy represents my mind. [Rinpoche is holding a toy puppy that he kept on his bed for two months after the stroke.] Thank you very much for the flowers that arrived today. Thank you very, very much.

This is a rare opportunity to be in the hospital. I am very lazy,  but now [in hospital] I can pray to take on the suffering of all sentient beings, especially the people who have diabetes, blood pressure or paralysis, so it is an incredible opportunity.

It makes us closer to achieve enlightenment every time we think this, and it purifies so many, many eons of negative karma and defilements, and creates so many skies of merit. It is the quickest way to achieve enlightenment, but of course, my motivation is very weak and I have a lazy mind, so I can’t practice.

I realize that being in hospital I can’t lift [my arm] at the moment. [Rinpoche is unable to lift his right arm to make prostrations.] For the altar in hospital I use candles and water bowls. [Rinpoche shows altar.]

Worms don’t have any legs or hands, and their bodies are long, and I realized that they have so much unbelievable suffering. People who have two arms have the opportunity to make prostrations—it is unbelievable, most unbelievable—so it is easy to create the cause of enlightenment, the highest success of life. Wow, wow, wow. So many, many, many lifetimes of happiness; a better life. So many, many, many lifetimes of happiness and freedom from suffering—all the happiness, free from the suffering of samsara—ultimate happiness, free forever.