Prajnaparamita Recitation Before Trying Shinä

Prajnaparamita Recitation Before Trying Shinä

Date of Advice:
January 2017
Date Posted:
April 2020

Rinpoche advised a student to request Prajnaparamita recitation by a monastery in Nepal in order to remove obstacles to shinä (Skt: shamatha; calm abiding).

My dear one,

Before trying shinä, you need to ask Shelkar Monastery in Boudha, Nepal, to recite the Prajnaparamita (the elaborate, middle and short versions). You can discuss how much it will cost to read the whole thing, with the offering to the monks, tea and bread, and if you wish to offer lunch, then you can do this. You can discuss how many days it will take to recite this sutra. So, you can try that and it can pacify problems for shinä.

Otherwise, at the moment it doesn’t come out to do shinä. There are obstacles, so this is one way to collect merit.

With much love and prayers ...