Practices for Weak, Numb Legs

Practices for Weak, Numb Legs

Date of Advice:
February 2017
Date Posted:
April 2018

A student had a problem with his spinal cord, buttock and legs. A blood vessel had compressed the nerves in his spinal cord, causing weakness and numbness in his legs. Both legs were numb, however, the right foot was worse.

My most dear, most kind, most precious, wish-fulfilling one,
I am very sorry for the long delay in replying to your email. I checked and if you can, do the following:

  • Take two jüng nga pills for five days. [This is Tibetan medicine]
  • Drink water from Maratika. [Padmasambhava’s holy place in Nepal]
  • Drink water from Reting in Tibet. This came out best.
  • Guhyasamaja root text: this is to be recited three times. Request Gyume Tantric College in Dharamsala to do this for you.

The dedication will be for you to quickly recover and to have a most meaningful, healthy life—most meaningful by generating bodhicitta as well as emptiness—and to never ever be reborn in lower realms again and to achieve enlightenment as quickly as possible.

  • Lu zong puja: to be done by Gyume Tantric College in Dharamsala.
  • You should get five bottles of blessed water from Kopan. This is a collection of all different waters and is blessed by me. When you get this, drink some in the early morning, then at around 9-10am and at 2-3pm, then before sunset and before going to bed.
  • Hayagriva tsog puja: to be done four times at Sera Je Monastery, India.
  • White Umbrella Deity prayer: I will recite this for you.

I am also making many prayers for you.

With much love and prayers ...