Practices for Severe Illness and Possible Paralysis

Practices for Severe Illness and Possible Paralysis

Date Posted:
November 2011

A student who had been sick for 15 to 20 years asked for advice about having an operation. He was extremely ill and could possibly become paralyzed. Rinpoche advised the following.

The first thing for you to do is request Ven. Tsering, the monk at Rinpoche’s house, to recite the Vaishali Sutra five or six times in your presence.

The other thing is to listen to Rinpoche’s recording of the Vaishali Sutra. This is available as an MP3 on FPMT Radio: 

The sutra is also available from the Foundation Store and on YouTube. You can also request the text from: or download the text as a pdf file, now available from the FPMT.

The following pujas should be done before the operation:

1) Mamo-trükang: five times. This is best done by Gyuto monks in San Jose. George would probably have to discuss the costs with Ven. Donyo. It is an extensive puja and may take all day.

2) Lu-zong: one time. Geshe Drakpa can do this.