Practices for Hip Pain

Practices for Hip Pain

Date of Advice:
January 2015
Date Posted:
February 2018

A student had a painful hip for many weeks and was unable to walk due to the pain. Rinpoche checked, with many mos, and advised these practices.

It seems you are receiving harm from nagas. This has to be cleared, otherwise medical treatment will not have much benefit.

I have done a number of pujas and prayers to Tara and so forth. I will also recite White Umbrella deity [Tib: du kar] prayer for you and do Drugchuma puja [Skt: Kalarupa] twice.

In addition:

  • Geshe-la needs to do the puja Liberating from the Harm of the Naga and Landlord [Tib: lu dang sa dag gi don drol]
  • The Lama Gyupas at Kopan Monastery can do Kalarupa puja twice
  • Take two ratna sam phel pills, about five days apart
  • Wear the protection amulet Liberating from Bondage.