Occipital Epilepsy

Occipital Epilepsy

Date Posted:
September 2012

A five-year-old girl with occipital epilepsy had severe discharges in the occipital region of the brain which resulted in frequent seizures. She was taking Tibetan medicine, however, a Western neurologist had recommended anticonvulsants to stop the seizures. The family asked Rinpoche for advice.

1. Chinese medicine comes out best.

2. Read the Diamond Cutter Sutra a minimum of 400 times, but it’s best to do it 1,000 times. If you can arrange 1,000 times, that would be best. Anyone can do it, and dedicate it to her.

Whoever reads this sutra also gets incredible benefit; it is a quick way to realize emptiness. This is most important, because no matter what realizations we have, if we haven’t realized emptiness then we can’t eliminate the root of samsara. This means we can’t be free from samsara and have to suffer forever. So, the person who reads gets incredible benefit.

Not just one person has to read—it can be divided between many people. You could ask the Kopan nuns (there are about 360) so they could each recite it three times.

If the family can recite the sutra as much as possible, especially her sister, that is very good. Before reciting the sutra, please recite the mantra (attached) to increase the merit of reciting it one million times.

3. She should recite at least one mala of the White Umbrella mantra. The family can recite this together.

4. She should wear Hayagriva protection.

5. She can take White Umbrella Deity initiation if possible.

I am also making prayers for her.

With much love and prayers...

PS: Sorry for the many eons delay. I was not able to reply or check earlier.