A New Center Building

A New Center Building

Date Posted:
November 2015

Rinpoche wrote this letter to a student who had agreed to help build a new center.

My very dear one,
I want to thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for happily taking on the responsibility of the new center building—our new pure land!

It came out good for both you and __ to work together. The time when you are busy going to the pure land, bringing sentient beings there. You transform them in the pure land, then bring them back to the human realm to work for peace.

Each and every merit that sentient beings receive, that they create by coming to the temple—every cause of enlightenment, liberation, future lives’ happiness, every single purification, every single positive imprint of the path to enlightenment, listening to the Dharma, praying, circambulating, prostrating and making offerings at the temple—you should know that all this is also coming from your effort, your dedication and service.

In other words you should think you are giving numberless benefits to others throughout the years, for as long as the building exists. For that many years, benefits will come and spread to the world. It is similar for the other people working for the center. They should also think in the same way. You are offering incredible benefits to sentient beings!

I will pray for success.

With much love and prayer...