Namgyalma Protection

Namgyalma Protection

Date of Advice:
January 2015
Date Posted:
December 2014

Rinpoche sent this advice, along with two Namgyalma protection amulets to a student.

If you wear Namgyalma protection it purifies you all the time, so it's good to wear it, but don't put it in your trouser pocket because the protection will go down. Tie it around your neck or put it in a higher pocket, and when you prostrate, put it behind you so it doesn't go on the ground.

If you have the Namgyalma mantra in your house, it is so powerful for cats and pigs, and for everyone, believer or non-believer. Everyone gets purified, so that means if anyone dies they will get a good rebirth. Have it in the house, even in your husband’s room—not down low, but up high so that it can purify your husband all the time. Then because the house becomes so holy, outside when the sun is shining and the reflection of the house touches people or animals, their negative karma is purified and they have a higher rebirth after the death. If the Namgyalma mantra is on a mountain, the whole maintain becomes holy and the negative karma of anyone who is on the mountain is purified and they will have a good rebirth after death.

When you drive a car, so many ants and insects get killed, but when you have Namgyalma mantra in the car so many insects will have a higher rebirth, even when they are killed by the car. Also anybody who touches the car, their negative karma is purified just by touching the outside of the car. Another thing is when dogs or people die, by touching the body with the mantra they get a good rebirth, so that is very important. Even if it happens that your husband dies, this mantra is one of the best and most reliable things. You can put it on his body.

I am very happy. It reminds me that you are very goodhearted human being and that is why you are dedicated to your husband, taking care of what he needs. Pray day and night for your husband and anyone else you wish to pray for.