Namgyalma Long-life Meditation

Namgyalma Long-life Meditation

Date of Advice:
November 2014
Date Posted:
January 2020

Rinpoche explains the visualization for the long-life meditation and advises the benefits of the Namgyalma mantra.

Namgyalma mantra

Visualize His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all the gurus. Beneath them are the Sangha, who help to preserve and spread the Dharma. On the moon disc are all sentient beings.

All the buddhas and bodhisattvas in the ten directions, and Namgyalma, send light beams to your heart. Beams of light are also emitted  from the Namgyalma mantra. This purifies your own negative karma and defilements, sicknesses and spirit harm. Think that your negative karma and defilements, the four things, are purified.

You and all sentient beings are totally purified and filled with light, totally illuminated. At nighttime, when you land at an airport and see the city lights—similarly, all the sentient beings are totally illuminated.

First, purify all the numberless sentient beings in each of the six realms—hell beings, hungry ghosts and so forth. Visualize that they are purified. Do that for a little while.

Then, visualize that all the gurus and all the Sangha are totally filled with long-life nectar.

Next, the three types of sentient beings [receive the long-life nectar]. The three types of people are: 1) those who do good things for others, 2) those who recite OM MANI PADME HUM, and 3) those who are living in the vows, in morality.

This is what Khunu Lama Rinpoche explained. He said to recite the long-life mantra, and that he recites it to benefit all the people who recite OM MANI PADME HUM. So all the people who chant OM MANI PADME HUM receive long-life nectar. The nectar enters them and is received by them. And then those who do good deeds for others and those who are living in morality. So, these three types of people all receive the long-life nectar.

Also visualize that you, yourself, are filled with long-life nectar.

If you do the long-life meditation like this, it is most beneficial. It becomes a long-life meditation for all gurus, the Sangha and all the other people. It becomes a long-life meditation for everybody, it helps everybody.

Benefits of reciting Namgyalma mantra

Namgyalma mantra  is unbelievable. If you chant Namgyalma mantra—even one a day—you will always have a pure life, you will attain enlightenment and you will never be reborn in the lower realms. This is the last rebirth, this is the last time you will be born in the womb, and you will always meet buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout your life. You will always have a pure life and you will attain enlightenment.

If you chant the mantra only one time, it brings you up to enlightenment. That’s just unbelievable, unbelievable. Even if you recite only one mantra a day, you will have a pure life, from now up to enlightenment. It’s just unbelievable, unbelievable, it’s incredible. It makes your life unbelievably easy and you never get reborn in the lower realms. It’s just unbelievable.

Namgyalma mantra board for blessing the ocean creatures, California, USA, Sept 2013.I asked a student to find a boat. We have a Namgyalma mantra that is carved on wood—I had that in mind for the last few years, for a long time, and now it’s happened. The Namgyalma mantra board is to go in the water. You can go sailing and bless the whole ocean. This liberates and purifies all the numberless animals in the ocean. It’s amazing. They are liberated from the lower realms, and anybody who drinks the water or touches the water will be purified. So we did that. We also chanted Migtukpa mantra and put tsatsas in the water, and in this way blessed the water.

If you put the Namgyalma mantra on top of a mountain, then the negative karma of all the animals and people who climb the mountain or touch the mountain is purified.

If you put the mantra on top of your house, the house is blessed. Even if someone just touches the shadow of the house, their negative karma is purified.

If you put the mantra on top of a banner, then if the shadow of the banner touches anybody, even insects, their negative karma is purified.

If you have the mantra inside your house, the people in the house are blessed and their negative karma is purified. It’s just unbelievable.

I suggest putting Namgyalma mantra in your car. You can put many Namgyalma mantras in your car so the people are always blessed and purified. Not only that, any insects or any beings who touch the car are blessed and their negative karma is purified.

If the wind, rain or dust touches the car and then touches any other beings, their negative karma is purified. If rainfall touches the car and then touches insects, such as worms, it purifies their negative karma. Even if insects are killed by the car, because they have touched the car, they receive benefit and are purified, so it helps.

I have given the Namgyalma mantra out to many people to put in their car. So many insects die when we drive, and I think there’s some benefit for them.

Therefore reciting the Namgyalma mantra is unbelievable. Our life becomes free from worry. It’s unbelievable and it’s the easiest way to be liberated from the lower realms, to have a pure life, and to always see buddhas and bodhisattvas. The Namgyalma mantra is priceless.