Meditate on the Kindness of Others

Meditate on the Kindness of Others

Date of Advice:
May 2014
Date Posted:
May 2015

A student was struggling with his business. For the last eight months every deal had fallen through and he had made zero income.

My very dear one,
Regarding your question about success for your business, you should read Vajra Armor eighty times. Read the whole sadhana. At the end are the benefits, so once you know them you don’t need to repeat [that section of the sadhana.]

According to my experience, when nothing works for a long time that usually means that you received some black magic from somebody. Of course, according to Dharma, according to reality, when somebody gives you black magic, that’s because you did black magic to the person before, either so many years ago or some lifetimes ago. So there is no harm received from others, everything came from you.

Similarly, even other people helping you, any kind of good thing, is the result of your past good karma, because you did good things for others or you did virtuous actions. Whether you receive harm or benefit from others all came from your own karma, your own mind, your own actions.

That’s why in lo-jong [thought transformation], the heart practice by Kadampa Geshe Chekawa, whenever you encounter problems, put all the blame to one—that means the self-cherishing thought, your own self-cherishing thought. Towards others, meditate on their kindness. This is the emphasis of this essential practice.

Ordinary people in the world, even ants or worms, blame others when they encounter a problem. Maybe you think you are perfect and all the faults come from others, but this is totally wrong. The reality is that when you encounter any problem, put all the blame to one—your self-cherishing thought—and meditate on the kindness of others.

So this is my advice.

With much love and prayers...