Mantras on Hat

Mantras on Hat

Date Posted:
October 2007

Rinpoche gave the following advice to a man who makes hats with mantras displayed on them.

My very dear Kenneth,
Thank you very much for taking a precious human rebirth and making your life most beneficial for sentient beings in the ten directions in this world.

It is a great gift for me that I have you. You are always such a happy person, that is another of your qualities, always filled with inspiration, devotion, intelligence, compassion, all the important stuff. These are the roots within you. So, I am very proud of having you. Maybe after a few years I will sell you to His Holiness the Dalai Lama or put you inside a mandala and offer you.

I would like to thank you very much for everything, for all your dedication, benefiting others, your traditional practice, and all the beautiful Dharma hats with mantras on, which liberate so many sentient beings every day in this world. It is such an easy way to liberate sentient beings from the ocean of samsaric suffering, bring them to enlightenment, and attract them to the Dharma Center, as well as to the retreat center. HA HA HE HE HO HO [Rinpoche laughing].

I want to tell you that when you give a hat to someone there should be a card explaining the benefits of the hat. You can incorporate the benefits that you have already compiled with these:

Just by wearing this hat in public, playing golf, in the street, on the beach, where many people are shopping, in the market, anywhere that animals or people can see you, you are liberating others.

If an insect flies around your hat (with mantras), or an insect goes under or around the hat, or a person walks around you on the way to a shop, you are liberating them all the time. You are bringing so many sentient beings, who are suffering, to enlightenment. The hat enlightens even the flies.

OM MANI PADME HUM is the mantra of the compassionate Buddha, who is the embodiment of all the Buddhas. This mantra is for developing compassion, which is the most precious, wish-fulfilling thing, for all happiness, including liberation from the oceans of samsaric suffering, up to full enlightenment—the peerless happiness. You, one person, by generating compassion, can liberate all suffering sentient beings, who equal the limitless sky, from the oceans of samsaric suffering, and bring them to full enlightenment, fulfilling all their wishes and happiness.

The mantra on the front is from Buddha’s sutra teaching called Chulong Rolpai Do. Merely seeing this mantra pacifies 100,000 eons of negative karma.

Any sentient being who walks under the mantra on the back of the hat purifies 1000 eons of negative karma.

Seeing the mantra on the left side of the hat, below the signature, enables one to achieve enlightenment.

Of course, this applies to OM MANI PADME HUM as well. There is no question that this mantra also has this benefit. Also, it purifies one’s very heavy negative karma, including purifying the five uninterrupted negative karmas.

Please give my regards to your family.
With much love and prayers...

[Note: The hat that Rinpoche designed, shown above, is available from the FPMT Foundation Store.]