Letter to European MP

Letter to European MP

Date Posted:
January 2011

Rinpoche met with a European MP and gave him a “karma card kit.” Rinpoche made changes to all the cards. The MP wrote to thank Rinpoche and this is Rinpoche’s reply.

My very dear one,
I was very very happy to receive your kind letter and also to have met you. I am also happy that you will attempt to read the book I sent when you have a free moment.

It was the first time I had seen the Karma Kit, which I sent you. I may have made a mess because I was trying to change around a few things to make it more meaningful. I am thinking of making a new one, using more meaningful words. When it is done I will be very happy to send you one.

I am sending you one of the most precious teachings of the Buddha called the Arya Sanghata Sutra. I think you will enjoy it. It is one of the most precious teachings of the Buddha and reading it once creates more good luck than there are atoms in this earth, more than there are drops of water in all the oceans.

Usually, people think that good luck exists independently in the world, but that is mistaken – no such good luck or bad luck exists. What I am saying here is that good luck, merit, has to be created by the mind.

You can create that good luck, merit, peace of mind, success, and happiness for every moment, for every day, for this life, and also for all future lives. You can even create ultimate happiness. However, all this happiness of future lives is temporary while one is still in samsara (samsara means the cycle of birth, death, sickness, and old age, and all the other sufferings). But there is also ultimate happiness, which is never ending, ever lasting happiness, totally free forever from all the oceans of different problems of all the human beings, and even of the sura and asura beings (these beings have more sensual pleasure than humans), also free forever from the sufferings of the hell beings, hungry ghosts, and animals.

One can attain this ultimate happiness by completely eliminating the cause of suffering, by ceasing all delusions and wrong concepts, including their seeds, which are not concrete, but are imprints on one's mental continuum. Then, there is the highest happiness of full enlightenment, which is the cessation of even the subtlest imprints of delusions (which are obstacles to omniscience). Once that is generated, you are fully enlightened, awakened, and omniscient. This means that you then have full understanding, that there is no object or phenomenon unknown to you, that you can see everything directly. You can then read each and every being’s mind at the same time, and at the same time see all the past phenomena. You can also see the present and the future – all directly.

Being omniscient means you know all the right methods to free each sentient being from all their suffering, and bring them from happiness to happiness, all the way to full enlightenment. So, achieving this ultimate happiness is how you can offer perfect service to others without the slightest mistake. This is not the only quality, along with this your mind is also completely filled with compassion for each and every sentient being, whose minds are obscured, who are not fully enlightened, and who are suffering.

Also, at that time, you have not only attained a completely omniscient mind and complete compassion, but you have also gained the perfect power to be able to reveal all perfect methods at the right time, without even the delay of a second.

One can create all of this from one's own mind by thinking positively. That is the only way to start the process for future happiness – not with tablets or surgery for the mind. The reality in Buddhist philosophy is that each sentient being, no matter how big or tiny – even insects like mosquitoes – has Buddha nature, the nature to be fully enlightened, the potential to be free forever from all suffering and its causes.

One example is the sky. It is not one with the dark fog covering it. The fog is there due to causes and conditions and can be removed, can be cleared away, due to other causes and conditions. It is like how dust can be wiped off a mirror and stains can be removed from dirty clothes.

So, every day, whatever actions we do, eating, working, sleeping (not only meditating), we can transform them into the cause for all of this happiness, up to enlightenment, as well as the happiness of every moment.

I apologize for taking your precious time by chatting, sorry. I just have one more thing in my mind. In the United States, when there are problems like war, what I find strange is that no one thinks to use religion to solve the problem. In fact, that would be so much more powerful. With spiritual power you do not need weapons. When you use weapons to solve a problem, so many soldiers get killed and so many civilians get harmed. Of course, one thing is to use religion when one is dying. For example, in one state in the US they are doing some cancer research. In the hospital they had two groups of cancer patients. They asked many different religious people (even my monastery in Nepal was asked) to pray for one of the groups of patients, but not for the other. Afterwards they checked and found that the people who belonged to the group that had been prayed for were much better. There was an improvement, while the people in the other group did not get better. Praying is such a simple thing and it made things better, and of course there are so many things one can do.

For instance, the precious teaching of the Buddha called the Golden Light Sutra could be read in Iraq month after month (not just once). That text has the power to bring world peace and also becomes a healing practice for all the sick people in the city where it is read. By reading this Sutra your life only gets better and better, only goes up, never down, right up to enlightenment. Reading it becomes an incredible protection for the country where it is read and gives incredible power to its king or president. It also enables you to defeat a country's enemy by making them lose power and unable to attack the country and its leader. If you read this text with mindfulness, you will see there is so much there. It can also help against terrorist attacks – this is all through the spiritual power of the Buddha’s holy words. It fulfills the wishes for happiness of everybody who reads it, now and forever. Their problems are taken care of naturally, with the help of so many devas and protectors who are around to help. This is just what I think and I am expressing it to you, that is all.

Some years ago I suggested to the Prime Minister of Mongolia [Mongolia was very insecure and afraid it could be invaded] to invite 100 monks to every city, every year, and have them recite the Golden Light Sutra 100 times. He accepted, but I am not sure whether it has happened.

Please enjoy the cards, yaks, and kiwi pen I am sending you, and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

With love and prayer...