Lam-rim and Lo-jong Are Best

Lam-rim and Lo-jong Are Best

Date of Advice:
August 2015
Date Posted:
March 2017

Rinpoche advised how to act according to Dharma when someone working at the center forgets their practice.

What we always have to consider is that our organization has grown from hard work and sacrifice, and we have always had the burden of financial difficulties. Also we all make mistakes.

Directors often have the burden and great responsibility of the center and its finances, then sometimes they have much worry and fear, and they forget their practice. Then the negative aspects come out and are stronger.

What helps the most here is lam-rim and lo-jong—this is the best.

All of us make mistakes sometimes, or negative issues arise due to karma and we forget our Dharma practice and relate in an ordinary way. But we can’t think like a normal organization; we have to think differently and act according to Dharma.