Killing Ants

Killing Ants

Date Posted:
November 2005

A student killed 50 small ants on her balcony, and regretted the act immediately afterward. She wrote to Rinpoche to confess what she had done, and to say she planned to take the eight Mahayana precepts* one day for each ant she had killed. Rinpoche wrote her back.

My very dear Marion,
Thank you very much for your kind letter. It is amazing what you want to offer back to those ants. It is incredible! The thought to take precepts for each ant would not have come into my head. I am sure all the ants will jump up and down and clap their hands and have a party for you when you finish, wishing for you to receive all happiness…ha ha ha. I put my hands together at my heart thanking you very, very much on behalf of all the ants.

In addition, read the Diamond Cutter Sutra four times, and then recite the long Namgyalma mantra 21 times, if possible, or else seven times, and dedicate the merit to the ants’ quick enlightenment. They might become your disciples and do everything you say.

Big love and prayers...

*See Lama Zopa Rinpoche's book Direct and Unmistaken Method for more information on the eight Mahayana precepts.