An Incredible Opportunity

An Incredible Opportunity

Date of Advice:
June 2011
Date Posted:
April 2016

After manifesting a stroke in April 2011, Rinpoche dictated this letter while still in hospital to a student who had written to him. The student was concerned about Rinpoche’s condition and sent wishes for him to get better.

My dear one,
Thank you very much for your kind letter. My thoughts are not very positive, but are like water, however, here I try to think that I am experiencing the shortcomings of my self-cherishing thought, the karma of that.

If my mind is good and practicing strongly, then this experience is an incredible opportunity to achieve enlightenment quickly for sentient beings, by taking their suffering—particularly those who have diabetes, high blood pressure and paralysis—to quickly to remove their suffering, every second, to remove their suffering from beginningless rebirth.

Each time, thinking like this, many eons, limitless skies of merit are collected. This creates the cause of enlightenment and brings more and more benefit for numberless sentient beings. If my mind is good, then I can practice and there is benefit. So it can be very, very positive, incredibly positive, the quickest way to achieve enlightenment.

I am offering my sickness to the cause of the one object of refuge, for His Holiness the Dalai Lama to have a long life, even one day of longer life. Then for the long life of all the holy beings in the world, those who benefit others, and for the long life of the Sangha who preserve the Buddhadharma and for the benefactors. Then for the long life of any person who recites OM MANI PADME HUM and for the long life for those who do good things for others, and the long life for those who practice morality.

But my mind is like water, so weak. Not solid like iron rock. But I try to think like this.

Thank you very much your kind letter and wishes for me to get better.

With much love and prayers...